Coach Dan's Sunday Spotlight 1.31.2021

Dan Adamson
May 17, 2022
Coach Dan's Sunday Spotlight 1.31.2021

Good Morning!

CrossFit Open
The CrossFit Open is coming up. It'll begin first week of March! We have about a month to sign up and to prepare.

What is it?
The CrossFit Open is the largest participatory competition worldwide. If you have ever seen the CrossFit Games... Those individuals and teams all earned their spots by first participating in the CrossFit Open. Usually the CrossFit Open is a 5 week competition where everyone who wants to can compete. It's one workout for 5 weeks. This year, they have modified it down to just 3 weeks! So, for 3 weeks you will do one workout a week, log your score, and see how you stack up with the rest of the world.

Who should participate?
If you have never done the open, I highly recommend you do it this year. It's a perfect first competition and it's just a ton of fun. This will be the 10th year that I have participated and it's fun to have record of year's past and where you stood before and where you stand now.

How do I sign up?
You will need to get on to sign up. Just follow the prompts and boom, you're in! It's $20 to participate.

What it's like to participate...
Every week CrossFit headquarters will post a workout on Thursday night. We will have until Monday night to complete this workout. We will program the workout Friday and we will also host a Friday Night Lights event for those looking for that extra push. Even if you don't want to do the WOD on Friday night, it's an amazing atmosphere to come and cheer on your friends as they suffer through the workout.
You don't have to be an "Rx" athlete to participate. They will have multiple variations of the workout that will allow every person in our gym a chance to participate.

Be Present
I was sitting down with a couple of athletes this past week discussing the importance of coming to class. Each one of us in the conversation have an at-home setup with everything you would need to complete the workout of the day but we never use it! Why is that? For me it's just so difficult to create the motivation to go out and do the work. Getting started is really hard but then when I do decide to do it, staying motivated during the workout is hard.
It is so difficult to push yourself. Some people can do it but for the most part we need each other. Having a class, a coach, an atmosphere like The Point, motivate us to push hard. To show up. To do the work asked of us. We may complain and may have days that are more pitiful than others but when we come in we complete the work asked of us.
All I ask of all of you is to show up. Be present and we will take care of the rest. Our coaching team will push you to work hard, to challenge yourself. Our coaching team and your fellow box mates will motivate you to push when you don't want to push, to jump when you don't want to jump, to burpee when you don't want to burpee. All that is asked of you... IS TO BE PRESENT!

Coach Dan

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