Coach Dan's Sunday Spotlight 1.17.2021

Dan Adamson
May 17, 2022
Coach Dan's Sunday Spotlight 1.17.2021

Good morning!

Keeping Record
Today I'd like to hit on the importance of keeping a record of what we accomplish and do each day and what tools we provide you with to do this.
The reason for "keeping score" is so you can track your progress. If you record your workouts and weights from day 1, you will be able to look back a month, 6 months, and year or 10 years down the road and look how you have progressed in certain movements and workouts. This information is priceless. We, oftentimes, get caught up in what we can't do that we forget how far we have come. Being able to look back gives us a chance to truly see the full picture of our progression.

What should we track?
Workout Tracking
There are many things that we can track but I want to hit on a couple that I think everyone should do. The first one is using our app in SugarWOD to track our workouts and our weights on our lifts. As we start this next strength cycle it is super important that we have our Split Jerk (maxed on Thursday) and Push Press (maxing tomorrow) max available to us to reference as we do our percentages each day. By using the SugarWOD app we are able to not only do this but the app also provides our daily workouts for easy tracking. If you are not on the SugarWOD app yet, download it now and hit me up for the pass code to access our workouts.
Body Composition
The second thing I believe is important to track is our body composition. If you really want to track your progress when it comes to overall fitness that includes our eating habits combined with our fitness output, I would recommend getting a dexabody scan regularly. That could mean once a year, every six months or getting scanned each quarter that it comes to The Point. The number on the scale only gives a small piece of the overall health picture. These scans enable us to see more about how what we are doing day in and day out is affecting our overall progress.
Food Tracking
The final piece of the puzzle I want to hit on is tracking what we put into our body. Knowing what we are eating and what we are drinking can have huge benefits as we change our daily habits to be healthier human beings. There are a few apps out there that make this possible and even if it is just so you can reference then it is worth it. I would recommend doing your own research but MyFitnessPal is a great app and makes it easy to track each and every thing you put into your body. It's quite educational if you've never done this.

Dexabody Side Hustle Competition
We have had our 2021 1st quarter scan! If you haven't had the scan yet but would like to participate in the side hustle, you have until Wednesday to get it done.
How the side hustle works is after you get your first scan at the first of the quarter, you will then let me know that you are in the side hustle competition by responding via email or commenting on the official post that I will be putting in our Facebook Members Page later today. Once you are committed, I will charge your account on file $40 and that will go to a pot for the winners. The more we have participate, the more potential money in the pot for the winners. In order to win, you just have to have the highest percentage of body change in the quarter. i.e. someone who starts with 20% body fat, scans at 18% on the second scan. That person will have a 10% change. This way those with lower body fat percentage going into it can still compete with those who have a bit more to lose.

I know many people may not feel the need to put their score on the board or "compete" but even so, recording your progress is paramount to your success. I am so grateful that my battle buddies that I started CrossFit with started a blog 10 years ago where we recorded our scores to each and every one of our workouts. It is so fun to go back and look at not only our scores but our reactions and our struggles. My memory is terrible and if I didn't have this record I would have forgotten much of that time of my fitness journey.
Download the SugarWOD app. Use it and your future self will thank you.

Coach Dan

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