Half off Your First month!

It will reoccur on a monthly basis.

Current Non-members only
This gives you full access to all CrossFit classes at CrossFit The Point.
Fine Print:
You will receive 50.00% off for the first month, for the first 1 payment of your membership. After 1 payment, the plan will revert to its normal price of $150.00.

Why "Lot Fest"?

Working out in a parking lot during the pandemic is how a small group of friends coped with the uncertainty of what we were facing. We needed to stay connected, and stay fitness-focused.

Out of that experience, we realized how vitally important our fitness community is for our physical and mental well-being - so we built a new home for it and invite you to join!

This mini-fitness festival is a celebration of where we started and how far we can go...together!

CrossFit is intimidating...we get it!
Lot Fest! is a friendly and fun way to check out what we do, meet our coaches and members, tour our awesome new gym, and even try a workout with us!

Enter our FREE raffle!

Enter to win amazing prizes including FREE nutrition consulting, Sweet Pea Plant-Based gift certificates, Brickyard Merch, Project Lean Nation goodies, Brickyard new member discounts, and more!

Work Out

There will be partner and team workouts throughout the morning that ANYONE can do - you'll love it!!

You'll earn extra raffle tickets for doing a workout! More details below.

Workout Shedule

No matter your fitness level or age, you can do this! CrossFit is for anyone and everyone!

Join us for a group warm-up, coach instruction for movements, creating teams, and then a fun workout. Come for 1, stay for 2!

8.30 AM - 9.15 AM - Partner/Team Deck of Fun
9.30 AM - 10.15 AM - Team Relay
10.30 AM - 11.15 AM - Partner/Team Deck of Fun
11.30 AM - 12.15 AM - Team Relay

Half off Your First month!

CrossFit The Point is for every skill level with highly skilled coaches that lead each and every class.

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