Coach Dan's Sunday Spotlight 12.17.2023

Dan Adamson
December 17, 2023
Coach Dan's Sunday Spotlight 12.17.2023

Good afternoon CFTP!


First and foremost, I want every one to jump onto this playlist and add your favorite workout songs! Let's build the best workout mix known to man!
CrossFit The Point Ultimate Workout Playlist

Holiday Habits

I wanted to chat with you all about a trend we generally see especially during this time of year. Between now and the second week of January will become the hardest time for you to find time for yourself to work out. We have so many activities and events to attend that many times our health takes a backseat and then we are digging out of the hole come mid January.

To prevent that I recommend you look at your schedule and even if you can't make "your class", just make a class. We have classes 5:30/6:30/7:30/8:30/9:30/Noon/4/5/6 everyday! Put some time aside, 1 hour a day, to focus on you.

Coach Dan

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