Coach Dan's Sunday Spotlight 3.21.2021

Dan Adamson
May 17, 2022
Coach Dan's Sunday Spotlight 3.21.2021

Good morning!

I love this time of year... Spring is upon us and that means summer is just around the corner. Excited to open up the gym doors and get outside with some of our workouts. I feel like spring is a great time to reset and set some goals for the rest of the year.

Farewell and Good Luck

Our high instructor Stacy Hardy is moving away! She had her farewell high class this past Wednesday and she will be sorely missed! Thank you so much for bringing the love of High to The Point! You threw some epic parties and always brought your "A" game! When you come visit, be sure to stop by and hit a high class or two!

CrossFit Open
We are down to the final week of the open! Remember, you have until 6 PM on Monday to complete and submit your scoresheet for week 2. If you are signed up on site then it is your responsibility to enter your own score in and mine to validate. I can't validate a score that is not entered.

Friday Night Lights/Suicide Prevention Awareness Fundraiser
Our final CrossFit Open Friday Night Lights is this Friday at 6 PM! This is more than just an Open Throwdown. We are having a full on party! There will be catered food from Wing Stop and Little Caesar's provided by The Point and Matt Hess! Thank you Matt for hooking us up! There will be so much food and I need all of you there to eat it! There will be a raffle and silent auction for some amazing donated items. You can see these items in the event page found here.
If you ordered a shirt, it'll also be available for pick up at the event. I believe there will also be some additional shirts for sell if you missed out on the pre-order. So come on out and enjoy some good company, sweaty workout, and a chance to contribute to a cause that is near and dear to many of us.

Repeat workouts
One of the keys to CrossFit is testing. When we repeat a workout it is a chance for us to see how our training has bettered us. It is a chance for us to look at our current fitness level and compare it to our past fitness level.
What can we learn from repeating a workout?
If you beat your previous score then this tells you that you're doing something right and encourages us to keep going. From time to time our fitness level drops off. We fail to set a new record on a repeat workout and this is frustrating but it can also be beneficial to our fitness progress. We can do one of two things. We can either get frustrated and quit or we can acknowledge that something needs to change going forward and make some adjustments and press on.

We repeat workouts and we repeat lifts often at The Point. That's why I always ask you to enter your scores in SugarWOD. Keeping track of your workouts and lifts enables you to compare yourself to your past self. If you don't enter your score and we repeat the workout, you won't be able to accurately check the progress. This is also the reason I harp on doing the workouts accurately and if you modify to make sure you enter what modifications you made in your notes. This makes it so that if and when we do repeat a workout, you are able to do it the exact same way to see if you get better. If you inaccurately count or do the movement standards incorrectly the first time then it makes it difficult to repeat the workout the same way.

Personally I have a Love/Hate relationship with repeat workouts. Why? There are a couple of reasons. The first is the biggest, I know how much it's going to hurt. Having done it before, I know that this is going to hurt. The second reason is because I am having to race myself... In order to get a new PR I am going to have to push myself harder than I have ever pushed myself. I especially hate repeating Open Workouts because the last time I did it I pushed myself as hard as humanly possible and now to beat my previous time I'm going to need to do that and then some. But I love it because it pushes us physically and mentally. Even having the willingness to try, knowing that you may fail, is huge in not only our fitness progression but also our mental toughness. In life we need to challenge ourselves to continue progressing. Putting ourselves in uncomfortable positions and outside our comfort zone helps us overcome fears and become better human beings.

So even though repeating workouts and retesting ourselves can be scary, I know that it is necessary for us to progress.

Coach Dan

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