Coach Dan's Sunday Spotlight 6.4.2023

Dan Adamson
June 4, 2023
Coach Dan's Sunday Spotlight 6.4.2023

Good Afternoon CFTP!

Welcome to June and let the Summer begin!

I know with Summer comes many vacations and life gets busy. Don't let your fitness take a backseat. Make sure to continue to come in consistently when you are home so we can keep the gains coming!

2023 Murph

What an amazing turnout this year. This was by far our biggest turnout in this building for Murph. Over 50 peeps each hour! It was so much fun having you all there. If you are anything like me, you are probably just now recovering. lol.

Huge shoutout to our friends at Clean Simple Eats and to all the members who helped cook and set up and take down. Emily and I are always amazed at how helpful you all are. We have the best group of members!

This week's programming

This week begins the initial test period for the following movements:
Front Squat
Max Weight Strict Chin up
Bench Press
Max Height Box Jump
Strict Handstand Push-up

We will be doing all of these this week. The Deadlift and Strict HSPU are tests within the level method as well. So be sure to mark that down if you PR!

Added notes

Within your Chalk it app, you can now click on notes and see more notes to prepare you for the day. I would highly recommend reading through these prior to coming each day to give you the most out of the day.

Salute The Point Special

We are planning to start advertising the Salute The Point Special again this year starting in July BUT... if you have any friends that can't wait till July to start and are interested in jumping on board. Let me know and I will let them slide in early.


We will be having Salt Lake's Strongest Man 2023 Competition this coming Saturday. It will be after the morning classes so no schedule changes for you all except that they will be competing from 11 AM until the late afternoon. So be aware of that, if you are one that likes to come in on the 24 hour access at that time. You may need to wait till the evening.

Coach Dan

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