Coach Dan's Sunday Spotlight 7.17.2022

Dan Adamson
July 17, 2022
Coach Dan's Sunday Spotlight 7.17.2022

Good morning CFTP!

Salute The Point Progress Update

We are more than half way through our promotion month and haven't hit our next 10 sign up milestone yet... So no drawing for free shoes yet... We need 6 more to get there.
We will be drawing the #salutethepoint post winners later today... This pool is also small so if you posted and promoted the deal, you have a good chance to win. Thank you to those who publicly posted about our promotion. It's the best way to build our community and build the gym membership. Please continue to post and let your friends know about the promotion. I will give you until 9 PM tonight to get a post out with the hashtag #salutethepoint to be included in the drawing. So if you haven't done so and would like to win free shoes, just takes a post about the promotion and why you love The Point. You can post on either Facebook or Instagram and if you do both at the same time, it'll count for two entries!

Construction update

We are almost done! Stairs are getting put in this week and then we can start doing the little organization things. Big round of applause goes to Melissa Boren. She has done a great job with the upstairs.
Thank you all for your patience. I have some exciting added value to unlimited memberships that I am excited to announce as soon as I get it complete.

Dexabody Side Hustle

Remember that the Dexabody Van is coming August 2nd! Be sure to reserve your spot here!

You have two choices... You can just get your scan for yourself to see where you are at or you can join our side hustle. The side hustle will be a $40 additional buy in that goes into a pot. At the end of this 8 week challenge, we will scan again and the man and the woman with the biggest change in body composition will win the pot! Depending on the number of participants, there may be multiple winners. This will be the initial scan for this challenge. So first thing you need to do is sign up! They have times available starting at 7:30 AM all the way to 6:45 PM! Get your preferred spot nailed down... You don't have to pay until the day of but you will want to get it reserved asap.

The Value of The Point

For years I have talked about the importance of consistent gym attendance but until the last year I hadn't experienced a departure from every day attendance. This past year I allowed things within my personal life to affect not only my commitment as the gym owner but on a personal note, working out daily. Over the past year I not only saw my body fat rise to never before seen levels but also my stress levels. Being a part of the gym and a part of this community brings so much more than just great fitness, it gives us a place that we can take out the stresses of every day mundane life. Over the past few weeks I have committed to eating healthier and working out more and I am amazed at how it has changed my attitude towards life. I am so much happier and it has motivated me even more to bring this to more people.

I cannot believe that people go through life the way I have this past year. It is exhausting. It was like every day was a haze. As my body fat grew, my fatigue level grew. I was less motivated to do every day tasks. I was short tempered. I got less done. I was not happy.

Now that I am back into the routine, I see a huge change in my outlook. The stresses are all still there and maybe more so with taking on the gym and rebuilding but my attitude towards it all has changed. I feel like I am ready to take on the challenges and I am a lot happier than I was before.

I think this is a super understated advantage of CrossFit The Point membership. I will always work to bring to you the best coaching, best programming and best atmosphere possible but it's up to you to take advantage of it by attending.

Inviting friends

This week I will be changing up the way we get entries into the drawing. For this week only, your friends come free! That's right, they are free all week. Each time you bring a friend in, you also get an entry into the drawing next Sunday for free shoes! If you have a friend that comes in every day this week, then you get 5 entries!
So spread the word and let's get our friends to try this out. And of course bonus would be if those friends sign up for the promotion, then you get an entry into not only the milestone drawings but the grand prize winner at the end of the promotion.

To see details on the July Special you can go here.

Thanks for all the support. I look forward to seeing your friends this week!

Coach Dan

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