Coach Dan's Sunday Spotlight 7.7.2024

Dan Adamson
July 7, 2024
Coach Dan's Sunday Spotlight 7.7.2024

Good afternoon CFTP!

Salute The Point Promotion

We are a week into our yearly promotion. We have had some referrals already and here are the current standings of our referral leaders:

Govin Nusum- 1
James Nielsen - 1

We have had others join but those came through the gym's efforts. Take note that we are only counting "Salute The Point" memberships in this referral competition.

Thank you for sharing! We have 3 weeks left of this competition! Keep on sharing and letting your friends know that this is the best time to come in and join us!

Weekly Challenge

We had a few of you participate in last week's challenge and made you eligible for the free shoes I was offering. I also did a random number generator and came out with a different winner for the free protein.

The post I picked for the winner is... Tania. Tania posted almost daily and I really appreciate that. I chose this post because of how real you were and honest about your experience when first joining The Point:

Let me know what shoes you want!

The random protein winner goes to:

Daphne Miller for this post:

Congratulations you two!

This week's challenge

Not going to lie... Kind of lackluster on that first week challenge and Tania and Daphne were rewarded for it!

Let's see if you all can do better this week:

THE PERSON WITH THE MOST FRIENDS WHO TRY OUT THE POINT THIS WEEK WINS! If it is a tie, then we will do a random drawing to break the tie.

Winner gets a free pair of shoes!

First time visits are always free so reach out to your peeps and get them in to try us out!

Hero Week and Hero Saturdays

I hope you all enjoyed the challenge of Hero Week. We are going to try to add a Hero a week as often as possible on Saturdays starting this week.

Now back to our regular programming! See you all tomorrow!

Coach Dan

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