Coach Dan's Sunday Spotlight 8.14.2022

Dan Adamson
August 14, 2022
Coach Dan's Sunday Spotlight 8.14.2022


I don't know about you but I really enjoyed last weeks workouts. Today with all the new people and the changes we have made, I wanted to make a list of things that you all can do to get all the systems in place and how to do it. So today's spotlight will go through that after I talk about a little something I got called out on this past week.

"We call those neglected ankles"

So there I was coaching one of the night classes. I had modifications set up for jumping pull-ups and I mentioned to be careful when landing or you'll roll your ankle... Then went on to say, "I'm sure you'll be fine, I am just overly cautious about these things due to my weak ankles." Then one of our newer members, Brad Powell, who happens to be a physical therapist, pipes in and says, "We call those neglected ankles."

I chuckled but I have thought a lot about those words this past week. I injured my ankle many times but I think the worst one was about 4 years ago. Since then I just worked out and prayed that I wouldn't roll it again. It rolls super easy now. Over the years I have rolled it over and over again.

We all have "neglected ankles" in our fitness. Holes in our fitness that we avoid to work on because it isn't fun to work on our weaknesses. I hate doing PT on injured parts of my body. I take the approach of, I'll just do what I can with the injuries I have when in all reality, if I take the time to work on my "weak ankles" then my fitness level will be able to progress unhindered by my weaknesses.

I think this works perfectly for all of us. We all have certain things that when we see pop up in the workout, we either skip that day or come in and do something totally different. This shouldn't be our approach. If the workout calls for one of our weaknesses, we should approach it in a way that we choose a modification of the movement that allows the most growth within the workout. The only way you will strengthen these weaknesses is by taking them head on and doing them.

9:30 AM Babysitting

We have a babysitter but she is only able to cover MWF at 9:30 AM. So I am in search of someone who could take 2x a week. Please hit me up ASAP! We need it starting this week!

Apps and resources

I have noticed that many of our new members and even some of our older members are missing key resources to get the most out of The Point. So I wanted to lay those out here with steps for each of you to take to get the full experience from The Point.

Chalk it Pro

This is the app that we record and see all of our workouts. We also can chat with our members through this app! This will also be where we will record our Level Method Assessments when we do them and it will help you know your level!

Here's the link!

Level Method

When you are in your Chalk it Pro app... If you have been added to the Level Method for the gym you should be able to see these next two screens:

If you don't have this or if you cannot see your levels, email me your gym email and I will add you on my end or hit me up at the gym. It'll be easiest if you just email me @

Facebook Group

We have a private Facebook group for present and past members. If you aren't a part of that, I highly recommend you get in there. I post quick announcements in there and the board every night if you are interested to see how you stack up... Although you can do that through the chalk it app in the leaderboard section each day as well.

Here is the Facebook Group Link.

Hybrid AF - Off hour Access

Finally your Off-hour access. If you are an unlimited member you qualify for this perk. You can now access the gym outside the regular class times. All you need to do is download the Hybrid AF app and create a new account. You will then scroll down and select CrossFit The Point. I will be notified and you will gain access to the gym off hours!

Final Thoughts

We will be doing a full 3 weeks of assessments not this week but next so please get yourself set up in the system and get the apps up and running before next week at the latest so we can make sure to get your assessment and your fitness level established.

Coach Dan

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