Coach Dan's Sunday Spotlight 8.2.2021

Dan Adamson
May 17, 2022
Coach Dan's Sunday Spotlight 8.2.2021

Good afternoon and happy CrossFit Games!

The CrossFit Games is wrapping up today and I hope you have had a chance to watch these athletes. It truly is inspiring to watch and if you haven't, go to and watch the replays. If you're looking for motivation to be fitter and healthier, you have to watch these athletes!

Dexabody Team Results
I have decided to announce the winners of this last quarter's Dexabody challenge. I was going to wait until our party but I decided to announce it now.

Individual Winners

Female Individual Winner:
Melissa Boren!!!
Melissa has been on a mission of health and wellness and her journey continued with this past quarter. With her consistency in the gym and focus in the kitchen, she was able to have the biggest change amongst our female competitors. Huge shoutout to Coach Kim and her guidance with Melissa's nutrition.

Melissa had the following results:
- 8 percent fat percentage drop!
- 16.3 pounds of fat lost!
- 2.9 pounds of muscle gained!
- A total body fat change of 23.7%!

Male Individual Winner:
Jake Cole
Jake has been doing CrossFit with us for quite a few years but has never taken his nutrition as seriously as he did this past quarter. With that change, he not only saw a huge change in his body composition but he also got his first Bar muscle ups and PR'd all of his lifts! It pays to eat healthy.

Jake had the following results:
- 7.4 percent fat percentaged drop!
- 15.4 pounds of fat lost!
- 1.6 pounds of muscle gained!
- A total body fat change of 31.8%!

Congratulations to our individual winners!

Team winners
This competition we threw in a team component to the mix. It was a learning experience for the team leaders, myself, Zach Lake and JoAnn McArther. I believe it was a great learning experience for the teams as well. The biggest macro thing learned I would say is follow through. Not only consistently changing your habits but also going to the end and getting retested. We had a number of competitors who never retested and therefore couldn't contribute to the team totals.
With that being said, we still ended with some awesome results as a whole and a winner! With one pf the teams having only 6 competitors retest, we went off of the top 6 from each team to come up with the winners and here's how it came out:

3rd Place:
Team Zach's Top 6:
Dropped 10.7% off of their starting percentages for a change of 7%

2nd Place:
Team JoAnn's Top 6:
Dropped 14.2% off their starting percentages for a change of 7.8%

1st Place:
Team Dan's Top 6:
Dropped 28.9% off their starting percentages for a total change of 16.7%

Congratulations to #TeamDan!!! Winner's of the 2021 Quarter 2 Team DexaBody Challenge! Prizes will be presented at the Point Fitness Pool Party!

2021 Point Fitness Pool Party
A little change of plans from what was announced last week. Brent and Lisa Ramey have graciously offered up their pool for this year's party! To make it work we have moved it from Saturday August 21st to Friday August 20th. There will be a pool for kids and adults alike. There will also be yard games and a BBQ. The idea is to make it mostly potluck so once you RSVP, I'll be giving out assignments to those who want to bring something, obviously you don't have to bring anything. Go to the event page here to mark if you are going!

Battle of The Box
We had two stellar teams represent us this year at The Battle of The Box, one female team and one male team. Tashina Meldrum and Chelsea Zorn were our ladies and James Nielsen and Eric Nelson were our men.

I am so proud of this crew and the way they represent The Point. Also congratulations to the boys on a 3rd place podium finish!
After talking with them, it sounds like next year we need to go for best box! Let's plan on this event being one of the events we all try to participate in next year. Pencil it in! Here are our competitors giving us an inside look into the competition yesterday.

Eric Nelson:
"What a whirlwind of a day. I don’t think Chelsea, Tashina, James or myself was really looking forward to checking in about 6 am. Once we got to the barn at thanksgiving Point the energy just changed and we were ready to go. This was such a fun group to compete with. James is the epitome of a perfect partner. He pushes you past your comfort zone when you need it and provides nothing but a positive energy. James as well as setting a huge PR on a snatch complex after a lot of handstand walks. We were in the mix all day with our worst finish being 5th out of 11 teams. Going into the final we were 4th and needed a big final to make the podium. The final was Fran with the non working partner accumulating calories on the assault bike. Needless to say we had a huge final! Finishing 2nd on Fran and 1st on bike calories! It was the icing on the cake to a perfect day. Again thank you to all the CFTP members that took time out of their day to come support and cheer the 4 of us on."

Chelsea Zorn:
"Today was fun and energetic. It was a great breaking point for Tashina and I. First comp for both after 2 years I have injuries and I came in not mentally prepared. First wod was a killer but we fought back. Third wod we climbed to 3rd but we had to go right into the 4th wod and our grips and forearms were shot. The boys were on fire today they killed it. They are a great duo picking up each other weaknesses. The venue was awesome, the energy was amazing and it one we should try to push more teams for next year. CrossFit Draper won this year again. The more teams signed up the more points our box gets. And if teams place we get more points and take home a Gold plate for the year!"

Tashina Meldrum:
"The comp yesterday was pretty great. I went into it more prepared, mentally AND physically, than ever before. Chels has been fighting injury, and came in ready to do what she could- she exceeded all of my expectations. I felt great until the last wod, when I pinched a nerve in my left arm and lost function in my hand. But, even with that, it was my highest finish in a comp, and I’m itching to do it again already."

Swag Update

Final thoughts
As I went through the results from the last quarter's Dexa challenge and listened to our competitors from yesterday's event, I couldn't help but marvel at all the hard work that you all put in even when you think that nobody is watching. I love having competitions to prepare for and little challenges like the dexabody to help keep us dedicated.
I want to challenge everyone to dig a little deeper and know that even if nobody is watching, someone is noticing the changes you are making and it is motivating them to be better. Even when you feel like you are doing this fitness thing on your own, you really aren't and you have people around you who take notice and it makes them want to do a little bit better.

Coach Dan

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