Coach Dan's Sunday Spotlight 8.21.2022

Dan Adamson
October 16, 2022
Coach Dan's Sunday Spotlight 8.21.2022

It's testing time!!!

Level Method Assessments

I've been looking forward to these next three weeks and am really excited to have everyone get assessed on the different tests we have in Level Method. This will be a 3-week assessment period and will cover all 15 tests. We'll be doing assessments daily but since it is spread over a 3 week period, we will repeat each assessment twice. So we will always have an alternate workout for those who already tested that assessment. The full 3 weeks have been loaded into Chalk it Pro so feel free to wrap your head around what is to come.

WHY is this important for you?

These assessments help you as an athlete know where your level is in all 15 categories: Front Squat, Upper Body Pull, Lactic Tolerance, Deadlift, Upper Body Pushing, Upper/Lower Endurance, Weightlifting, Squat Endurance, Rings, Neurological and Core Endurance, Kettlebell, Flexibility, Running, Rowing, and Aerobic Power Intervals. Once you have completed the full assessment, it will give you a level for your energy systems and overall Fitness Level and will look like this:

You will see each day that you come in and do a workout, the workout has a little bubble underneath it in your individual Chalk it apps. It'll be a certain color for whatever that workout will be targeting that day. This enables you to know just where you should be for that day. It also could be a great mark to help you decide if today's the day that you want to take a step up to the next level for an extra challenge.

Why is it important for me?

I love this level method testing as a programmer. The more of our members who get tested, the more information I can have to help me program for the gym as a whole. I get a report of what level we are as a whole in each category and that helps me make sure I am programming to improve weaknesses over time.

How do you view and enter your levels?

It is important for all members to be able to enter their levels. In order to do that, I need you to check and see if you are signed up within Level Method. It's going to be a one time sign up and then you will be able to view everything through the Chalk It Pro App. Here's how you check within Chalk it Pro:

Click on the little person in your app:

Then click on the My LEVEL METHOD:

If it looks like this, then you are good to go... If it says for you to sign up... Then shoot me an email and I will add you. Make sure you send me the email that you use for Chalk it Pro. Once I get your email entered, it'll be automatically added to your Chalk It App and you can then begin entering the scores for your Level Method Assessments.

Assessment Day

As you come in on assessment day, it is important that you enter it into the right tab. Instead of entering where we usually enter for the Daily WOD, I need you to enter it into the Level Method Tab shown above... There will be a little plus sign for each category and when you enter it there, I get notified and then I will approve your scores. If you only enter it into the daily WOD, it will not count as an assessment!

Don't Worry

If this is overwhelming, don't worry about it. Just come into your regular class day and we will walk you through everything and make sure you are good to go. Do what you can on the above... Anything you can't figure out, we'll take care of it this week at the gym.


Who wants free shoes? I am adding an incentive for you to enter these scores... If in the next 3 weeks, you enter all of your levels, you will be entered into a shoe drawing. If you already have all of your levels... Congratulations, you are already entered!
I am doing this because it is important for both our coaching team and yourself to get your levels figured out. Once I get these levels, I am going to be working on sitting down with as many of you as possible and figuring out individual goals so I can help you achieve your specific goals. The first step before I schedule these type of appointments is you must have these levels entered.

Please don't hesitate to email me with any questions you might have and I am excited to get you all tested over the next 3 weeks!

Coach Dan

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