Coach Dan's Sunday Spotlight 8.8.2021

Dan Adamson
May 17, 2022
Coach Dan's Sunday Spotlight 8.8.2021

Good evening!

Just a quick note for this week to check in. I hope everyone is doing well and recovering well from that tough week this past week. My calves are still mad at me!

Final Raffle Winner
I'll be going live tonight to choose the final raffle winner for the final pair of shoes!

Referral winners (Correct me if I am wrong and you should be on this list)

Before we started we announced 3 packages we were giving away during the month of June. Your prize upgraded as you brought more people in. If you want to check out the details, you can go here!

First and foremost, I want to thank you all for spreading the word about our promotion and bringing in your friends. I also want to thank everyone who took us up on our promotion this year. I hope you are loving it!

There was the Bronze Package (2 CrossFit Referrals or 4 Group Fitness Pass referrals), Silver Package (4 CrossFit Referrals or 8 Group Fitness Pass referrals) and then Gold Package (6+ CrossFit Referrals or 12+ Group Fitness Pass Referrals). From my count, nobody achieved above the Bronze level this year... :( But we did have a couple of you achieve the Bronze Package:

Chelsea Zorn
Emily McLaughlin
(If you feel you qualified for one of these prizes and I missed you, please contact me with your referrals and I'll make sure you get taken care of)

Congratulations ladies! You'll be receiving a free item from our next Swag drop that should be dropping this week, a foam roller and muscle masher and a tumbler.

Point Fitness Pool Party

We are getting together for our annual Point Fitness/CrossFit The Point Party! We will be meeting at Brent and Lisa Ramey's pool on Friday August 20th at 5 PM. Details can be found here.

Please follow the above link and let me know that you are coming! We will be taking our Gym Family picture at 6:15 so if you can't make it for anything but that, then please come then! Family friendly, kid friendly. I just would love to see all of you there!

Just a few quick notes for this week. I'm excited to see you all in the gym this week!


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