Zach Lake

Zach Lake

CF-L1 Coach

CrossFit Benchmark Workouts

Grace - 1:55
Fran - 3:12
Karen - 6:13


CrossFit Level 1 Certificate

About Coach

I grew up exploring the outdoors. This was my playground. I still love being outside. Each season brings its new adventure. Keeping fitness and health balanced in my life allows me to keep enjoying everything the great outdoors has to offer.

Turning Point

Motivation & Passion

My wife and I joined CrossFit the Point back in January of 2014. Looking for a change in a fitness routine, we turned to CrossFit. CrossFit became a passion. Fitness, nutrition, and the community. Watching ourselves and the members around us make continued progress in our fitness program fed that passion. Whether it was a personal PR, a first pull-up, muscle-up, or connecting Double-unders, the achievement of one person feels like a win for everyone in the class. It was that camaraderie and support that wanted me to pursue my Level 1 and start coaching. There were a couple of key points that stood out to me at the Level 1 training. First, how important form is. Whether is bodyweight or a heavy load, our form is key to moving safely and efficiently. No matter how long we have been doing these movements, cues, and reminders before and during our workouts are always needed. Be humble, be coachable. The second point I liked was recognizing the stimulus of the workout. Good programming will look at not just the day, but the week and months to ensure all-around functional training is being addressed. So, are we meeting that’s days programming stimulus? Even if we are not sure what the stimulus for the WOD is, the coaches at the Point will help you hit that by recommending you Rx or scale portions as they see fit. Hitting the designed stimulus will provide longer and better results, even if that means scaling. Last year I took a small break from training to focus on our home remodel project. Coming back to training after the break, this was a tough one to follow at times. Trust the coaches, trust the process.

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