Coach Dan's Sunday Spotlight 1.23.2022

Dan Adamson
May 17, 2022
Coach Dan's Sunday Spotlight 1.23.2022

Good afternoon RxFit The Point!

Things are moving fast and I appreciate everyone's patience as we figure out the best way forward. We appreciate the feedback we've been receiving and please understand that it is listened to and discussed by myself, Emily and Tyler. The meshing of ideas and ways of doing things takes trial and error and we hope that you understand that the changes made are to help with the longevity of The Point and RxFit but we will always be open to chat with any concerns you might have.

My transition
On that note above, I have been the sole point of contact and manager of The Point for the past decade. I have loved every moment of it, even the difficult times. I have always been available to tackle issues and was a text, email, or Facebook message away and I prided myself in being available to my members and responding quickly to try and fix any problems that may have occurred over this period of time.
With me moving to the role of Vice President over Products and Events for RxFit as a whole, I will no longer be the point of contact for day to day questions and concerns at The Point. The biggest reason is that I won't be around as much and will most likely not have the most current answers. I will however still be available if you need to talk. I am still an owner at The Point and will work behind the scenes to help make The Point the best community and provide the best services possible. Over the next couple of months, I will be working with Tyler and Emily to put in a more permanent manager at The Point but in the meantime, we will have Tyler as the manager and your point of contact for any questions you might have. That will include the ordering of supplies, equipment issues, babysitting issues, membership issues and anything else that I would usually take care of. Tyler will be your guy and I know he will listen to any concerns you have so please don't hesitate to message him. The best way to get a hold of him would be through his email:

Dexabody Side Hustle Update
We have one more day of scans and so far we have over 40 people scanned from the 3 northern RxFit gyms! We have one more day down south tomorrow but if everyone signs up for the side hustle... This will be an epic competition with some great moolah for the winners!

If you want to participate in the side hustle, here is the link that I will need you to follow and put your money into the pot!

If you signed up for 2021 Quarter 4, I will get the results back and announce the winners this week.

This is our first opportunity to bring the RxFit community in together as a whole. With The Open coming up, that will be our next opportunity. I am excited for us to expand our community and become a huge force of good and to become the fittest community in Utah!

Thank you
I really appreciate you all being so patient. I really do. I've never had to do this kind of transition before and I am sure I'm going to make mistakes but I hope that you all understand why changes are being made and can respect what we are trying to create. Over the past couple years you all may not have seen behind the scenes but it's been a bit of a struggle. This is what pushed me to make some changes and I am excited that we have Tyler to help us. Change is hard but I hope with this foundation we are building, it'll make it possible for us to be around for years to come.

Love you all and now that I have officially finished my 9-5, I hope to be more consistent in classes to work off this 24.7% fat I've put on!

Coach Dan

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