Coach Dan's Sunday Spotlight 12.19.2021

Dan Adamson
May 17, 2022
Coach Dan's Sunday Spotlight 12.19.2021

Good afternoon and Merry Christmas,

The Future
This past week has been full of planning meetings for 2022 and into the future and let me tell you, I am so excited for what we have planned for the CFTP/RxFit Community!
Tyler, Emily and I are working hard to figure out how to best improve your experience at The Point and to bring you more ways to make your fitness journey more enjoyable and also more measurable.
I am excited for you all to get to know Tyler as he comes in as the manager starting in January. We'll be bringing in some exciting changes and I am aware that change is hard for many of us but I hope that you all keep an open mind because the changes we have planned are changes that will not only improve your experience but it will also improve the health of the company so we can upgrade and continue to progress and provide the best equipment and experience possible to our community.

Merry Christmas
I hope you all have an amazing Christmas this coming Saturday. Our schedule will be normal up until Christmas Eve. On Christmas Eve, Friday, we will only have 3 classes in the morning, 7/8/9 AM. So plan accordingly. Christmas Day, the gym will be closed.

Have an amazing week!


PS. I haven't forgotten about our TWBC volunteers. I will be getting your gifts out to you this week before Christmas!

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