Coach Dan's Sunday Spotlight 1.29.2023

Dan Adamson
January 29, 2023
Coach Dan's Sunday Spotlight 1.29.2023

Good Afternoon!

Dexabody Side Hustle Good News!

Through this 3 month cycle... We are offering 15% off all products on our shelves to give you a chance to try the products and see what might fit your diet going forward. So from now until we scan again in April... All products will be 15% off!

Level Method Shirts

The shirts have arrived and I am in the process of creating them. If you had an overall goal before last Sunday, you will receive a shirt that corresponds with your level method color! Once I get them done, I will lay them out on the boxes with your name on yours!

2023 CrossFit Open

The 2023 CrossFit Open is here! We will once again be doing an in house competition where no matter what level you are at, you can contribute and help your team win! I wanted to explain how this is all going to work but first let's hear from Coach Leslie about what The CrossFit Open is all about:

The CrossFit Open is almost upon us. For those of you that are new to CrossFit, the Open is a 3 week worldwide competition for every fitness level. It’s a great way to measure your progress in CrossFit over the years, compete as an athlete and have a great time with your friends and box mates.
This year the Open starts on February 16th with a live workout announcement at 1pm- with 4 of the top CrossFit athletes competing live. We will host a viewing party at The Point at 7pm with a chance to do the workout directly after. We will also have the Open workout as the scheduled class work out on Friday’s. You will have from Thursday until Monday to enter your scores on the CrossFit leaderboard.
The CrossFit season has a unique format, everyone gets the chance to compete in the Open. From there the top 10% get to move on to the online Quarterfinals. The more participants that sign up for the Open, the more that will get to move on to the Quarterfinals. The top athletes from there will move on to one of 7 Semifinal events across the world. The top 40 athletes will then move on to the CrossFit games.
The Open is a great opportunity for us to test our fitness, set new goals and have a great time!
Hope you will all consider competing and representing CrossFit The Point in the CrossFit World Wide Open!

Thank you Coach Leslie! Leslie is an avid watcher and always my go to person to find out what's new in the sport of CrossFit. So let's dive in a little bit about what we are going to do this year.


There will be 4 teams this year. The four teams will have team captains. This year the team captains will be Dan and Emily Adamson, Jared and Ashley Vogl, Colby Jex and Krishelle Butterfield, and Shauna Mayer and Leslie Faragher.

How we will select the teams will be through a draft. After everyone signs up, we will put all the athletes into their respective Level Method levels (or as close as possible based on what tests have been completed). After we have everyone in their levels, we will all begin to select out teams from each level until everyone is on a specific team. We will do this draft in secret so there is no need to feel like you will be the last one picked.

The cool thing about how we do scoring is that while there is an advantage to having the best athletes on the team, no matter what level of athlete you are, you will be able to contribute and add points to your team.

How to Participate

We will have two things you will need to do before February 16th. You will need to go to the Games.CrossFit.Com registration page and register for $20 through them here:

You will also need to jump on one of the links below and register by buying a shirt through us for $15. This will cover the shirt cost and hopefully cover some of the cost of the plaque we plan to make to put the winning team on the wall.

For you ladies... I wanted to put the specs on the ladies shirts because I know that they all fit a bit different. You can also click the men's link and order a men's shirt if you would prefer.

Women's Shirt Link:

Men's Shirt Link:

Scoring Details

More specifics on the scoring will come out next week in the spotlight but here are some of the things you will be able to gain points for to help your team:

Why do we do The Open?

Besides all the fun stuff that I laid out above, there are some amazing things that have happened in the open over the past 10 years at The Point. The Open is so much fun and we get to really prove our fitness. It's not there to prove it to anyone but more so to ourselves. It's a nice measuring stick of what we have improved and what we need to do to continue to become fitter. Being able to see how you compare with like-minded fitness individuals around the world is really awesome. This is the reason that this year we are choosing to require signing up through the Game site in order to qualify. It is really cool to be able to enter your score and see how you stack up. Just this last week when we did Friday's Open workout, I went back and looked at how I did on that exact workout in 2012 and 2013. My scores were still there and I was able to compare.

The Open is 3 weeks long but we are also adding a 4th week where we will get together and we will have a final competition to see who which team wins. It'll be Friday Night Lights style. You may be competing for your team or just coming to cheer on your representatives but it is going to be an amazing experience.

For the first time in quite a few years, I am truly excited to do the open again and watch you all compete together and cheer each other on. I hope you will join us this year and sign up. We will be doing the workouts anyways on Fridays so jump on board and join our teams. Let's make the CrossFit Open great again!

Coach Dan

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