Coach Dan's Sunday Spotlight 1.30.2022

Dan Adamson
May 17, 2022
Coach Dan's Sunday Spotlight 1.30.2022

Good afternoon!

So this spotlight is going to evolve a bit and I am going to try and include all the happenings going on in the RxFit world. So let's start...

Dexabody winner Quarter 4 2021
We only had 3 participants in quarter 4 last year but we still have a winner! The winner of the $105 pot goes to... Cathy Leslie!
Cathy lost a whopping 6.5 pounds of fat and gained a pound of muscle! Congratulations Cathy!

RxFit South Jordan Temporary Refugees
With the move from Draper to South Jordan and issues with the new rental, RxFit South Jordan athletes are going to be stranded for the month of February. Not to fear, we will have RxFit The Point and RxFit Holladay open to all of you while your new location gets squared away. While definitely an inconvenience, this will also be a great opportunity for our RxFit family to get to know each other a bit more. Excited to be able to see some of you at The Point!

RxFit Schedules
One of the awesome advantages of having 6 gyms in the network is that you are able to attend other locations when you can't make your regular hour. So I wanted to put out the schedule for all these gyms below. The Point also has noon but it was accidentally left off the picture.

The Gauntlet @ Fitcon Utah
Our first big multi-gym event this year is The Gauntlet! It will be the CrossFit event at Fitcon Utah. I am so excited to put this on and early bird registration has begun... You all are getting a bit of a head start! If you want to compete, jump on and get registered. We are limiting the early bird to the first 30 teams!
Check out our Facebook Events Page or the Competition Corner Registrations Page. We are also looking for Volunteers and you can sign up on Competition Corner!

I love that our gym family is growing. I love seeing all the scores in the app and seeing how strong everyone is! I look forward to traveling around to the other locations and working out with you all and getting to know more of you. Have an amazing week!

Coach Dan

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