Coach Dan's Sunday Spotlight 1.8.2023

Dan Adamson
February 19, 2023
Coach Dan's Sunday Spotlight 1.8.2023

Good Afternoon CFTP!

Apparel Order Update

The clothing is all at the printers but they have just started to print them... Busy during the holiday season. I hope to get it to you this week or next depending on when they can finish them. Sorry for the delay. Special order stuff takes a bit of time.

Dexabody Side Hustle

We had a good number of you test this past Thursday! Hopefully for those who tested, you will also be joining our $40 buy in side hustle. The more that sign up, the more money there will be to win. This quarter is special as well since if you sign up, you will get access to the Clean Simple Eats App for the free for the quarter and you will also have a chance to win a Clean Simple Eats package at the end.

If you missed the scan on Thursday, I am leaving it open until Wednesday for you to get your scan in. You can go to their main office or find out where the van is and be sure to tell them when you scan that it was for our challenge at The Point so that I can put you as part of the email list. After Wednesday, I will get a list of those who scanned from Dexa and I will send out an email asking for a response to whether or not you are participating in the side hustle. So look out for that email. That will be the only way to sign up.

2023 CrossFit Open

The open begins middle of February. More details will come out about how we plan to run it at The Point but I wanted to make you all aware of the timeline. It begins February 16th so be looking out for more details on how we will run things soon. Everyone should participate. It is always a good time. If you have done it in the past, feel free to email me or message me with which year you enjoyed the most and why. I want to make this experience as awesome as possible.

2023 Goals

I have seen some awesome goals that have been inspiring for me and helped me decide what I am going to make for my goals. I am going to leave it up there until Wednesday. Be sure to put your goal down! The board by the drinking fountain is where we are putting them. If you have more personal goals that you would like to share with me via email so I can help keep you accountable, please email me: Telling someone else our goals will help us achieve them.

With that spirit in mind... Here are my goals this year:
Run Total Distance: 500 Miles
Row Total Distance: 50 Kilometers
Echo Bike Total Calories: 12k Calories
Body Fat %: Below 20%

Really putting my weaknesses on the goals this year... I am not a great rower, I will start running again after my recent ankle injury and I DESPISE the bike. But if we don't challenge ourselves, we'll never grow so... LET'S GO!

Coach Dan

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