Coach Dan's Sunday Spotlight 10.16.2022

Dan Adamson
October 16, 2022
Coach Dan's Sunday Spotlight 10.16.2022

Good afternoon CFTP!

Let's talk about this past week and what's coming up this week!


Week 2 in the books… Still waiting on a couple of teams before I post the actual times but I will post below the current standings without the stragglers.

Current Standings:

Week 3 workout will be two scores and count as full points towards the leaderboard! Big chance to make some moves this final week!

Let’s check out the workout!


Quarter 3 is complete and we have our winners! 

Congrats to all who participated and congrats to the winners of this pool of MOOLAH!


I am distributing the pool to 3 winners here...

1. Coleton Oleen has been so consistent since starting at the end of July. It's great to see these results. Coleton had a 16.9% change! In that change he lost almost 24 pounds of fat and gained a pound of muscle. That is just incredible to lose that much fat and still gain muscle. Congrats! Coleton wins $200!

2. Caleb Deibert is always killing it with these challenges and he came through with an 11.2% change. In that change Caleb cut 2.7 pounds of fat and gained 4.6 pounds of muscle! It goes to show you no matter how long you have been at The Point, we can all still improve. Caleb wins $110!

Devan Stewart has had to travel and hasn't been able to get to the gym consistently but he dialed in his nutrition and had a 7.8% change! In that change he last 10.1 pounds of fat and gained 3.6 pounds of muscle. You get your $40 buy in back!


1. Alexis Stewart was our women's winner! Only a few scanned and she was the clear winner. It pays to scan both times no matter what you are thinking. I loved Lexi's scan. She had a 5% change and with that changed she lost 2 pounds of fat and gained an amazing 6.6 pounds of muscle!
Congrats on winning $245!!!


We have announced the first workout! Check it out here.

Let’s get some CFTP peeps competing in December. Sign up here.

Final Thoughts

I appreciate all the hard work you all put in at the gym and I am so excited that so many of you are seeing progress and are sticking with us even after the promotion. You have become like one of the family and I can't imagine The Point without you.

Coach Dan

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