Coach Dan's Sunday Spotlight 10.10.2021

Dan Adamson
May 17, 2022
Coach Dan's Sunday Spotlight 10.10.2021

Good afternoon!

A couple of quick announcements for this week.

Dexabody Scan Tomorrow!
The dexabody van is coming tomorrow! So if you want to get scanned, be sure to follow this link to get signed up! There are still spots available but are going quickly.

Lockdown 2021
This year we are having Lockdown be 3 weeks long! There will be 3 workouts, 1 done each week. The programming is complete! The first Lockdown workout will be announced Wednesday, October 27th with the first official workout programmed the next day, Thursday October 28th. This will be the same schedule through the three weeks. Announced Wednesday night, performed Thursday as the workout of the day, if you can't get it done Thursday, you and your partner will have until the end of day Sunday to get it completed.
The final week will be announced Wednesday just like the other two but we will schedule it as the WOD on Friday and we will have a Friday Night Lights Event for all to attend and cheer and compete. Check out the link for the event here!

Another change in this year's Lockdown... We will be doing 2 divisions this year instead of 3 unless we get the numbers that can fill 3 tiers. All you need to do is grab a partner and sign up and I will place you in the division that fits your team. We will ensure that you and your teammate can complete the workouts so don't let that stop you from competing. The workouts have been created but if needs be, once we know the participants, they can be altered to ensure that all who participate can complete them.

The goal of this in house competition is to have fun with our box mates and of course you get a dope shirt. Please sign up in the app or from this link! The shirt design will be posted soon! Get signed up asap so I can start to create the leaderboards and what not.

Don't let 1 week turn into 1 month

Since I opened my gym about 10 years ago, I have had many of you go on vacation or have other circumstances arise and it's always, "I'm just going to be gone a week." and without fail, it ends up being longer or permanent.
I only kind of understood that but being in the position I was in where I was coaching everyday and at the gym, I never let that happen to me. Well, now that I have started to step back and allow my amazing team to coach the majority of classes, I too have fallen into that. About 5 weeks ago, I came down with an injury that forced me to modify, then I got a new job and my whole schedule changed. Before I knew it, I hadn't worked out for over a month! It's crazy how life can do that to us. So, this is a warning to all of you. Learn from my failures here and don't let it happen to you. Tomorrow, I want each and every one of you at the gym joining in your hour. You will not regret it. Make the decision now to make it happen and I will do the same! I am coming back this week, will you join me?

Coach Dan

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