Coach Dan's Sunday Spotlight 10.23.2022

Dan Adamson
October 23, 2022
Coach Dan's Sunday Spotlight 10.23.2022

Good afternoon!

Lockdown 2022

Let's get right to it! First off, thank you for having some fun over the last 3 weeks. Competing can be so fun and I have seen many of you lift more than you have ever lifted and complete movements for the first time. This is why I love when athletes decide to get outside their comfort zone and join in on the competition fun.

Let's announce the winners, shall we?

First Week 3 results:

Workout A

Workout B

You will notice the tie breaker scores... This is based off the heaviest lift to break the ties.

Now for your final results of the 2022 CFTP Lockdown!

Congrats to the winners... I have an idea for a trophy that will be more practical and will allow me to get all the past year's winners represented... Until I figure this out, a congratulations will have to do. Thanks again for joining in on the fun!

Twas The WOD Before Christmas

We are starting to fill up. If you want to be in this year's competition, I would sign up now. If you do not want to compete, we could really use your help. Go to the same sign up page below to sign up as a volunteer. We will provide a shirt and lunch and I always try to get my sponsors to give me some good stuff for volunteers...

Here's the link!

Coach Dan

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