Coach Dan's Sunday Spotlight 10.30.2022

Dan Adamson
November 13, 2022
Coach Dan's Sunday Spotlight 10.30.2022

Good afternoon CFTP!

Halloween Schedule

We will be canceling the last two evening classes tomorrow night, 5 and 6 PM. If you are an unlimited member, you can still come in at those times using the HybridAF App. If you haven't signed up for that, then do that so you can use the gym during the off hours.


Registrations are starting to come in and if you want to join us, get on there today and get yourself registered! We have announced 3/4 workouts and will announce the last one tomorrow.

Follow this link to get registered! Follow the same link to get registered as a volunteer. We need all the volunteers we can get.


You noticed last week we threw in an assessment with the run. I know we just barely did all of these assessments but expect more to come back around. It was really cool to see multiple new people be able to showcase their hard work in the last two months with lifetime PRs on their runs. These assessments are essential in helping me as a programmer and coach to judge our programming and adjust accordingly. Really excited to see just how far you all are able to progress over the coming months.

Short Spotlight today... Enjoy your weekend!

Coach Dan

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