Coach Dan's Sunday Spotlight 11.28.2021

Dan Adamson
May 17, 2022
Coach Dan's Sunday Spotlight 11.28.2021

Good evening!
Anyone else endure the torture that was the drive from Vegas to home today? 9 HOURS! But I made it and have some exciting events that I wanted to announce today before bed.

'Twas The WOD Before Christmas 7

This is the week and I am super excited to welcome our friends from all over to our gym for this annual event. People look forward to this event every year and this year is no different. We have 15+ gyms participating who are coming from at least 3 states! So let's show them a good time.
In order to do this, we need your help! We need volunteers all day this coming Saturday, starting at 6 AM. If you can't make it all day but can make it part of the day, please sign up to come. The more we have there, the more fun it is to volunteer and the smoother the event will run.
Go to this link to sign up as a volunteer! You will receive lunch and a shirt and I'll try to finagle some swag/treats from sponsors!

Big Changes for The Point

This past week we finalized a deal that brings in Tyler Welch as an owner at CrossFit The Point. He will be bringing in RxFit as a co-brand to CrossFit The Point! In this deal has purchased Dave's part of the gym.

First of all, I want to say something about Dave. Dave has been with me from day 1 of the gym opening. Here's Dave on demolition day, 2 weeks before we opened in April of 2012!

I remember strapping our first pull-up rig to his truck and lugging it down the freeway praying that it didn't flip the truck!

Dave has been there for both moves. He has been there for every event we ever hosted. He has been there for the highs and the lows. Being an owner of a gym is not a real lucrative business but he has held on even through the hard times that we have had over the years. I truly believe we owe the successes we have had over the years to Dave. So I want to say THANK YOU DAVE for being a part of this gym and this community for the past 9, almost 10 years.

In searching for the right partner to come in and help us, we looked very hard and were very picky. We had a few offers but finally landed on Tyler Welch to come in and try and fill Dave's shoes.

Emily and I believe we have found someone that will help us to continue to grow, not only as a gym but also as a community. Tyler isn't going to be an owner who buys in and sits back. He plans to help us to reach new heights and we have plans to help make your experience at The Point even better, if possible.

With me deciding to take a step back from the day to day operations of the gym, Tyler fills this role. Tyler will be able to come in and work with me and Emily to ensure that our members are taken care of while continuing the traditions that we have developed here at CrossFit The Point.

Not only that, Tyler brings in a community as well. The RxFit community brings many benefits that The Point members will be able to freely take advantage of. I'll allow Tyler to introduce some of those benefits below.

This is a huge change and change is hard but I hope you all know me well enough to know I would only make changes that benefit the health of the gym and that would benefit you all as individuals striving to achieve your fitness goals. I believe this move truly does that and I am so excited for the future of CrossFit The Point/RxFit

Tyler Welch

Hey CFTP Family

CrossFit The Point has been a long-standing community full of great coaches and athletes for years. I'm grateful for the confidence Dan and Dave have placed in me and I look forward to carrying on a rich tradition.

It might surprise you, but I've worked out with a lot of you this past month in the classes. I've enjoyed getting to know you and have been impressed with your fitness. You'll learn quickly that my favorite part of being a gym owner is hopping into the classes with you and working out. I've learned over the years that nothing quite builds community like cracking jokes and laughing does during the cool-down after a hard metcon.

I plan to coach a lot of the classes during the first couple of weeks in January just so we can get to know each other better. I really love being a gym owner and I think you will see this bleed through my enthusiasm as I coach in the coming month. CFTP will now be RxFIT's fifth location, with four other gyms in Provo, Springville, Draper, and Holladay. Beginning in January, your membership will allow you to work out at any of these other locations as well.

As we bring CrossFit The Point into the RxFIT family, I want you to know that you are now part of the largest functional fitness community in Utah. This is significant for a few reasons:

Mark, the other owner of RxFIT, will visit from time-to-time to meet with you and workout, but you will inevitably see more of Dan and me. This is just because of our individual roles in the company. I've been looking forward to our face-to-face interactions for a while now and can't wait!

Finally, you should be aware of two exciting dates:

The future is bright! I look forward to many workouts and good times with you as I seek to serve and provide you the very best Utah has to offer.

Tyler Welch

Owner - RxFIT

Thank you Tyler! I am truly excited to bring you on and to have you be part of this amazing gym family.

Coach Dan

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