Coach Dan's Sunday Spotlight 2.12.2023

Dan Adamson
February 12, 2023
Coach Dan's Sunday Spotlight 2.12.2023

Good Afternoon and happy CrossFit Open Week!

CrossFit Open

The open begins this Thursday! I am so excited to compete with you all. I really hope you all jump in with both feet and enjoy the next 4 weeks together.

Let's review the details of how you will participate:

  1. Sign up on the Games Site for the Worldwide CrossFit Competition. You can do that by clicking the link here. (Some questions to why we are having you register this year through the games. The simple answer is, 1. We love to watch the CrossFit Games and by registering we are supporting the sport. 2. This one is more practical, every year whether we use the Games site or another software, I have to pay for a leaderboard and the Games leaderboard works great for our purposes.)
  2. Sign up for our in house competition buy purchasing a shirt here.
    Women's Shirt Link:
    Men's Shirt Link:

That is it! That's all you will need to do and you are in! Then let's explain what happens next.

CrossFit Games Open Announcement

On Thursday afternoon, the first workout will be announced. We announced that we would be doing a watch party on Thursday night at 7 along with a kind of Thursday Night Lights but I have changed my mind...

WE WILL BE BRINGING BACK FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS! FNL will start at 5 PM Fridays and go until all who want to complete the workout have done it.

So after the announcement on Thursday, the workout that gets announced will be placed in the programming for Friday. So whether you sign up or not, we will be doing the workout all day Friday in our regular classes. YOU DO NOT HAVE TO SIGN UP TO ATTEND CLASSES ON FRIDAY. But we highly encourage it because it is a lot of fun to join in and get scored and be part of a team.

So you have two choices to completing your weekly workout.
1. You attend your regular class on Friday and complete it then.
2. Attend Friday Night Lights and workout with the whole gym and take advantage of the fun atmosphere. We will also be bringing our camera and try to get some cool photographs for those who attend FNL.
(If you cannot complete the workout on Friday, it's ok. You have from when they announce it on Thursday until Monday at 5 PM PST to submit your scores.)

This process will happen for 3 weeks. Then on the 4th week we will host a final Friday Night Lights pot luck party and final throwdown to determine which team wins the 2023 Intramural Open!

How do you help your team win?

You don't have to be the best athlete to be able to contribute to your team score. While there will be points given to the top athletes each week, most points can be earned through participation. Here are a list of ways you will earn points for your team:

Why should you join us?

I can remember every year that I have done the open. They are memories and experiences that have shaped my CrossFit journey. Every year I have seen athletes achieve incredible feats that have been evading them in their regular training. The Open is an amazing opportunity for you to not only challenge yourself but something to gauge your progress off of each year.

Finally... you get a pretty dope shirt and if you are anything like me... It's all about collecting those shirts. Every year I have a shirt that reminds me of that year's Open. I have memories tied to each one.

I really hope you all join us this year. The more that join in, the more fun we will have. We had one year where 100+ members from The Point signed up! It was incredible. We may not get 100 this year but I hope we get as many as we can to take part. I believe this year is going to be a blast!

Coach Dan

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