Coach Dan's Sunday Spotlight 2.14.2021

Dan Adamson
May 17, 2022
Coach Dan's Sunday Spotlight 2.14.2021

Happy Valentine's Day!

Rap Vs Rock High Fitness Party
Thanks for those who joined our Rap Vs Rock High Fitness Party. Does Terra and Natalie know how to throw a party or what?! It was awesome to see so many come out and join us! I always look forward to these events!

CrossFit Open
The CrossFit Open begins March 11th! If you haven't signed up, you should! We will be doing weekly Friday Night Lights events every Friday for the 3 weeks to come together and suffer together! I love Open season and I am so happy it is back in it's rightful spot. You just need to go to to sign up and learn more.

As I was going throughout this last week I was thinking about this word. Progress. I think sometimes it's hard for us to see our personal progress. Many times progress is so gradual that we don't notice it until you see someone you haven't seen in a few months and they see the change in you. Gradual progression is the best kind of progression. The reason for this is that it involves a journey that you embark on and within this journey of progress you are able to create some staying power.

A great example of this, in my opinion, is an individual who grows up with very little money but through hard work and perseverance they create wealth versus an individual who wins the lottery and has instant riches. The individual who worked hard for the money and who earned that money will treasure what they worked for. Because of this, that individual will be able to maintain these riches and build on them.

Research shows that the majority of lottery winners will lose their winnings within seven years. That's a crazy statistic! What I believe we learn here is that just like in fitness and health, there are no quick fixes. If you want to see sustainable results, you must go through the journey of accomplishing it. It can't be an overnight fix. It can't be one cleanse diet and boom! You are skinny. You must put in the work and create the habits. Then and only then can you better maintain what you have earned.

So, keep on track. Keep putting in the work in the gym and in the kitchen. Your consistency will provide the results you seek but you must be patient and once you accomplish your goal of health and fitness, build on that with new goals and before you know it you will be that person in the gym that people look at and say, gosh he/she is so fit, how do I get to where they are at?


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