Coach Dan's Sunday Spotlight 2.18.2024

Dan Adamson
February 18, 2024
Coach Dan's Sunday Spotlight 2.18.2024

Good afternoon!

President's Day Schedule

We will be canceling all classes after the 9:30 AM Class. All morning classes will remain the same. Don't forget that if you have an unlimited pass, you also have access to the gym off hours using the HybridAF app.
Youth Team Training is still a go for 7 PM!

New Year's Goals Check Point

This is your goals checkpoint. Stop now and send me your progress report on your goals:

Here's mine:
Run 500 Miles: 38.6 Miles Ran Total
4 Days a week of CrossFit: Worked out 3 times (This cold has been kicking my butt)
Sub 18% body Fat: Work in progress

CrossFit Open

The Open is in a week and a half! I cannot wait to do the 2024 open with all of you. I wanted to give a little recap and make sure everyone who wants to participate knows just how to participate.

4 Teams

5:30/7:30 AM: Ashley and Jared Vogl and Grace Cox
6:30/8:30 AM: Stephen Olson and Melissa Boren
9:30/Noon: Shauna Mayer and Krishelle Butterfield
Evening: Dan and Emily Adamson and Coleton Oleen

To sign up for your team and contribute, all you have to do is let your team leaders know. The easiest way is to join their Facebook Group below... or if you are not on Facebook, just let them know you are in!

Team Vogl and Cox
Team Olson and Boren
Team Mayer and Butterfield
Team Adamson and Oleen

How to score points before the open even starts?

Currently we have 2 ways to score points for your team.

#1: Officially Sign up for the CrossFit Open through the Games.CrossFit.Com site.

#2: Purchase a CFTP Open Shirt from one of the links below:

2024 CFTP Open T-shirt
2024 CFTP Open Tank Top

Why join the Official CrossFit Open?

Besides the fact that signing up benefits your team, signing up for the official open has other benefits not only in the upcoming in house competition but also for the future you.

I will be using the Leaderboard from the open to reward extra points for top competitors. If you want to increase your chances of earning more points on any given week, then sign up.

The bigger reason I would recommend to sign up is that these yearly statistics of where you stack up with the rest of the world live on forever. I can go back to 2012, my first CrossFit Open, and see how I did compared to everyone else. I can see where I stack up percentage wise and year over year I can see a snapshot of my CrossFit journey. Just like I ask you all to record your daily workouts and level method progress, I am asking you to sign up for the open for those very same reason. It is alwasy important to track your progress.

Why buy a shirt?

Because it's a CFTP Open shirt! ;)

Coach Dan's Sunday Spotlight 2.11.2024

CrossFit Open

Some of my best CrossFit memories come from The Open. This year is going to be so much fun. With Friday Night Lights and theme nights and pictures and tough workouts and amazing people... I can't think of a better thing to be a part of this time of year.

I know that signing up for a competition can be intimidating but you can't look at it like that. Participation and fun is what this competition is all about. We are going to be doing these workouts anyways, why not take advantage of all the fun stuff that comes along with it?

I really hope you all jump in and get excited to cheer on your squad. You are going to need all the help you can get to beat Team Adamson/Oleen!

Coach Dan

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