Coach Dan's Sunday Spotlight 2.6.2022

Dan Adamson
May 17, 2022
Coach Dan's Sunday Spotlight 2.6.2022

Good afternoon!

This spotlight is going to focus on something I have been excited about since I got this position. Part of the allure for me to join forces with RxFit is the opportunity it brought with it. That opportunity is being able to expand our fitness family and with this expansion, do really fun activities and competitions together. The first opportunity was the Dexabody Side Hustle which we currently have 21 people signed up for! As a reminder DEXABODY SIDE HUSTLE POT MONEY NEEDS TO BE IN BY END OF DAY WEDNESDAY!
If you scanned but haven't yet paid into the pot and would like to, please go here and get it done today! We had over 70 people scan, so let's build this pot as motivation for us competitors! Winners get the pot at the end of this 3 months.

RxFit Open
Now for the fun announcement. We are going big this year with the first RxFit Open! This is an intramural competition and the details of how you can participate are below:

What is RxFit Open?
28 day team event!
•3 weeks within each gym. Completing The Open workouts on Fridays.
•Week 4, the winning teams from each gym will meet at The Point for a final Box vs Box show down!

How does it work?
- There will be 4 teams per location.
•Team captains will be chosen by the managers.
•The captains will draft their team from registrants on Monday February 14th.

Draft Day
•On Monday February 14th, the draft will begin.
•The captains and the managers will meet at their respective gyms Monday night or whenever convenient to do the draft.
•The draft will consist of two lists. One list will have all registrants Level Red and above and the other list will have everyone else.
•The captains will take turns selecting their teams.
•Once all registrants have been selected, the draft is over and the recruiting begins.

•Recruitment period will last from Monday February 14th until game day February 24th.
•Captains and team will go out and get their friends who have not yet registered to join their team.

Competition begins
How athletes accumulate points for their teams:
•1 point = Workout logged in Chalk it each day.
•3 points = Fridays workout logged into Chalk it.
•5 points = Each non-member friend brought in for a WOD.
•5 points = Taking top 3 on the Open workout for the week.

•This event is going to be big... Just like our outside events we will have the following:
•The 6 team winners will represent each location. We will have 10-15 1 minute movements that each team member will complete. We will reward points accordingly just like any other competition.
•The winning team after all events are complete wins the 2022 RxFit Open

So what do the winners get besides an amazing good time?

•For each team winner from each location they will receive:
•A vibrating roller
•A banner that will be signed by them all and hung at their respective locations.
•The gym who wins the 4th week FNL Showdown will receive:
•The metal Intramural Trophy that will hang in their gym until next year!
•Depending on the sponsors, the reward pool can get really fun here.

How do you participate?
You have all the deets... Now how do you participate. I wanted to make this as professional and interactive as possible and run it like the big events we do, i.e. Fitcon, TWBC, etc.
So we will be using Competition Corner to track everyone's scores! This will enable all those who sign up and participate to not only see how they stand within their respective gyms but also how they place compared to RxFit as a whole!
The cost to participate is $20 and RxFit will cover the registration fees that Competition Corner requires. To sign up, just go to this link and select your location and sign up:

Optional Shirt Purchase
We have teamed up with Born Primitive to design this year's Open shirt. Simple clean and awesome. We will be doing this as pre-order only for $25/shirt. Pre-order links will be sent to your email Monday or Tuesday, once things are finalized. You will have a limited time to get your order in since we are trying to get these shirts here before the competition begins.

Here's a mock up preview... The shirt color isn't final....

What about

So... the games site is still the same as always and open to all people to sign up. If you want to sign up to see your worldwide ranking and to have a chance to compete beyond the open, you will go to the site and register there.
Since we are still a registered affiliate over at CrossFit The Point, you will all sign up under CrossFit The Point. All RxFit athletes will compete for CrossFit The Point. This enables us to verify scores and make sure you get your scores to count.
I know we have athletes in the different divisions that have a chance to move onto the next stage, so if you are one of them, please sign up! We also believe we have the athletes to build an awesome team or two that can make it to the next stage.
We have appointed Coach Laws to run the team. He may be contacting you peeps who fall into the higher levels of the Level Method to invite you to sign up on the main site and potentially represent RxFit!
If you want to join just go to the games site here to sign up through their headquarters.


This is going to be so much fun. Join in on the fun! We will announce the team captains by Wednesday and if you want to be part of the draft, I need you signed up by Sunday night the 13th! A week from today!

I am so looking forward to this whole competition but especially that final week 4 FNL!

Coach Dan

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