Coach Dan's Sunday Spotlight 10.2.2022

Dan Adamson
October 16, 2022
Coach Dan's Sunday Spotlight 10.2.2022

Happy October!

A ton to get through today!

Lockdown 2022

Please register today! This is a fun event with a limited edition shirt and 3 weeks of workouts! We will be competing every Monday and it'll be the Workout of The Day on Mondays. So find a partner and get signed up! If you sign up without a partner, hit me up and I will pair you with someone!
Here are the registration links... Simply order your shirt and you are in.
If you prefer a t-shirt ladies, just order a men's shirt... They are men's sizes though.
Men's Shirts:
Women's Crop tops:

If you want to find out the details... Check it out here in last week's spotlight

Currently we have 16 men and 6 women signed up! I know I have had way more than that tell me they were joining us so please get on there today and get signed up.

Every week I will announce the workout... So here is Week One for all 3 tiers!

You can also find this in the Chalk it app.

Dexabody Side Hustle Retest/Test

The dexabody van is coming this Thursday and only a handful has signed up! You need to sign up and get rescanned for your chance to win the Quarter 3 cash! This will also act as the Quarter 4 scan... So if you want to join the Quarter 4 Side Hustle, get signed up to get scanned!

Here is the link! Do it now! You don't have to pay until you show up. Just reserve your time.

'Twas The WOD Before Christmas 8

It has officially launched! First 20 signups get a hefty discount. So if you are planning on competing in December, sign up now before I post publicly.

Here is the link to sign up:

Bev's 50k!

Lastly I want to spotlight an amazing accomplishment by our Beverly McCarter! She set out to hit 50,000 Air squats in the year 2022 and with 3 months to spare, she has done it! Congratulations Bev! You are an inspiration for sure!

She also shared her log of all those squats!

I love hearing about accomplishments like this. It's inspiring. So if you ever accomplish something that you have been working towards, please share! Seeing others succeed motivates others.

The Vogl Challenge

Finally! Congratulations on our two winners of the first month's Vogl Challenge! Dillen Clark and Marianne Sharp! Make sure to grab your stickers and sign the trophy!

Great work to all who participated... 

The October Challenge begins now... Here it is!

New challenge- max amount of unbroken dumbbell snatches on running clock, capped at 80 reps, tie breaker is the amount of time. Standards can be alternating or not but hand can’t be off dumbbell more than one second. Weight 50lb men 35lb women


Coach Dan

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