Coach Dan's Sunday Spotlight 3.12.2023

Dan Adamson
March 15, 2023
Coach Dan's Sunday Spotlight 3.12.2023

Happy Spring Forward Day!

CrossFit Open

I hope you all enjoyed the past 4 weeks. For me it has been one of the best opens we have had in quite a while and that is thanks to all of you and your positive attitude and participation. Let's give a warm congratulations to our Team Teal winners! They pulled off a comeback win by bringing in friends and achieving PRs. Not only that, they came to play Friday night and took home the win. Congratulations.

It was so great to have so many of us show up on the final Friday Night Lights. Thank you!

What's next?

For all but four of us, the competition for 2023 is over. There were 4 individuals who made it to the Quarterfinals! These quarterfinals will be held next weekend for Ashley Vogl and Krishelle Butterfield (If she decides to compete both Masters and Overall Individual) Then in 3 weeks we will have Krishelle, Lisa and Amy compete as Masters in the Quarterfinals!

I am putting together a shirt order so that these individuals don't have to pay anything for these additional stages of the competition. So if you are interested in getting the proven shirt below, please click the link!
Men's T-shirts
Women's Muscle Tanks

Orders need to be in by this Wednesday!

Congratulations to our qualifiers! I am excited to see you all shine. I will release more details as to when they will complete these workouts and see if we can't get a bunch of us over to cheer them on!

New Apparel Order (Must Order before Sunday March 19th)

Speaking of apparel. Your pleas for another order of the items we pre-ordered in December have been heard and we are going to do a rerun of the last pre-order! In addition, we are adding a few new items for you to choose from. Remember, these are pre-order only and we will not be ordering extras!

All of the orders for the re-order can be found here: Follow this link!

For the new items... Here are your choices and links to order them:

Thank you Erik Bowman for these new fresh designs!

Tie-Dye Hoodie Order Here: $40

Flannel Long Sleeve w/Yellow Logo Patch: $40

Long Sleeve w/Yellow Logo - $30

Remember that you have until Wednesday to order the Proven shirts to support our Quarterfinalists and until Sunday to order the rest of the Apparel!

Max Week- Upcoming Programming

This week we will be officially finishing our Powerlifting Cycle with maxes in our Bench Press (Monday) Deadlift (Wednesday) and our Back Squat (Thursday). I am looking forward to seeing all your hard work pay off.

We will take a week off from the strength cycle and then start an Olympic Lifting Focused cycle.

Product sale ongoing:

Remember that until we scan again at the first of April, our products are all 15% off! Take advantage of this. I will be putting in a final order prior to it expiring this coming week to give you all more to choose from.

Coach Dan

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