Coach Dan's Sunday Spotlight 2.26.2023

Dan Adamson
February 26, 2023
Coach Dan's Sunday Spotlight 2.26.2023

Good Afternoon!

2023 CrossFit Open

I don't know about you but I loved this week's Open workout. Friday Night Lights was so much fun! New FNL Photos are on Facebook:

Lots of amazing PRs! Remember that your team gets 3 points for every PR you get during the Open! Examples of PRs would be first strict pull-up, New max Thruster weight, first rope climb, etc. TO GET CREDIT, I NEED YOU TO SEND ME AN EMAIL WITH YOUR PR!

Also, if you post on social media, I need you to email me and show me your post! I don't catch all of them so if you want credit, email me and let me know you have done it!

You can email me at

Shirts have been ordered and if all goes well, I will have them done by FNL this Friday!

We have this final week of the official open and then the following week we will have our team final to see who wins! I am manufacturing the plaque as we speak and it's going to look amazing.

Peeps who I have a scorecard for but have not submitted yet are as follows:

Renee Delangis
Amy McKinnon
Natalie Daniels
Jenny Boyle
Chris Delangis
Numi Hamilton
Casey Miller
Brent Ramey
Janelle Ott
Jordan Boyle
Derek Keller
Merrilee Robbins
Brad Hansen
Leroy Wayman

Be sure to submit your scores before the deadline, tomorrow at 6 PM MST!


Thank you all for being so positive and fun during this Open competition. It has felt like the old days of The Open! I hope we see more of you this coming Friday Night Lights and really hope you all are planning on the final FNL where we will have food and go head to head to head to head with our 4 teams. Let's put it on our calendars to come and hang with your gym peeps on March 10th from 6-8! I am excited to see who we crown as the 2023 Open Champs!

Coach Dan

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