Coach Dan's Sunday Spotlight 4.11.2021

Dan Adamson
May 17, 2022
Coach Dan's Sunday Spotlight 4.11.2021

I think it is so important for us to constantly challenge ourselves. One thing I love most about CrossFit is that there is never a lack of ways it challenges us. And at CrossFit The Point I am always trying to find ways to challenge you and to give you different ways to make you fitter and healthier.

CrossFit QuarterFinals/Qualifiers
The most recent CrossFit Open was yet another opportunity that challenged each and every one of us who participated. On top of that challenge CrossFit created another layer that allowed us to progress a step closer to the CrossFit Games. With that added layer, we saw 5 of our gym family move onto stage 2 of the qualifiers!
Karissa Jackson, Lisa Moore, Lindsay Winn, Danny Reeder and Krishelle Butterfield all qualified for the next stage by being in the top 10% in the world in their respective categories. This is an amazing feat! This past weekend Karissa and Lisa both competed in the individual qualifiers and it was so awesome to see them take on these truly difficult tasks. As for Lindsay, Danny and Krishelle, we get to watch them the first week of May as they take on the master qualifiers. Lisa Moore will compete again in the Master's qualifier as well.

We created a shirt to commemorate this achievement and to also support them onto the next stage. I love the word we used here. PROVEN. These individuals proved to the world that they were ready for the next stage and while we have 5 individuals make it this year, I am really hoping to see more names in the years to come and maybe even get a CrossFit The Point team to the next stage!

To support these individuals and to get these dope shirts, you can go into your pre-order tab in your PushPress app or follow the links below to order your shirt. My goal is to get them finished by the first week of May and have them available before the Master's competitors. I will also be announcing an event where we can get together to cheer them on!

Shirt orders can be made through the links below. You have until April 18th to order

Men's Shirt:

Women's Muscle Tank:

What's your next challenge?
Today's spotlight focus was on challenges. I am constantly thinking of fun ways to challenge you all and I think I have come up with a winner here. The 2021 Dexabody Quarter 2 challenge has begun! Go here to read the details! I have added a team aspect to this challenge so along with the individual side hustle money there is also a team prize available. It's me vs Coach Zach vs Coach JoAnn! JOIN US and let's get ready for summer!

Coach Dan

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