Coach Dan's Sunday Spotlight 4.16.2023

Dan Adamson
April 16, 2023
Coach Dan's Sunday Spotlight 4.16.2023

Good Afternoon!

Boy Scout Motto

So, my household is recovering from the flu from hell and I thought it would be a good time to bring up a motto that we should strive to live by at the gym. "Leave it better than you found it."
I have noticed we have gotten a little bit lazy on cleaning up after ourselves. We have some amazing cleaners at the gym who take pride in their work but nothing is more frustrating than spending an hour on the dumbbell area to have dumbbells strewn about the area the next day. Or to take a couple of hours to clean the floors to find chalk hieroglyphics on the ground or remnants of these... Or coming in after a day on the pull-up bars to see that some members were doing their greatest impression of Lebron James pre-game chalk throw.
Sickness spreads and it is sometimes impossible to prevent but if you are sick or your kids are sick, let's try and stay home until we know they aren't contagious anymore. By cleaning up after ourselves, we can better prevent the spread of sickness. Nobody likes to be sick. Let's wipe down our bars, put equipment back where we got it and just be more aware of our surroundings before we leave each day.

Level Up!

It was good to test the API this past week. We had some great levels achieved that I wanted to talk about.

New Overall Level Alert:
Alexis Stewart
finished all her tests and achieved a level Yellow!

Level Up Peeps:
Janelle Ott: Brown 3 -> Black 1
Coleton Oleen: Orange 3 -> Purple 3
Rylie Oleen: Orange 3 -> Brown
Jordan Boyle: Brown 1 -> Brown 2
Melissa Boren: Black 1 -> Black 2

First time API Testers:
Jared Mortensen: Brown 3
Cat Parker: Brown 1
Peter Parker: Purple 1
Kylin Cummings: Brown 1
Alexis Stewart: Orange 3
Peter Jump: Orange 2
Devan Stewart: Blue 3
Philip Nielsen: Brown 1
Chase Stewart: Purple
Jenn Checketts: Orange 3

Murph Prep

You are going to start to see some Murph prep workouts sprinkled in to prep us for Memorial Day Murph. The first is tomorrow with Half Murph. If you have never done Murph before, let's have a goal this year to give it a go. Murph is a staple within the CrossFit world.

Apparel Order

Apparel will be at the gym this week! They will be on the boxes so when you get a chance, look for your name on the apparel!

April Attendance Competition and Free Week

Don't forget that every person who has more than 16 days attended in April has a chance at free shoes! Also, invite your friends to try us out for free for a week!

Coach Dan

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