Coach Dan's Sunday Spotlight 4.28.2024

Dan Adamson
April 28, 2024
Coach Dan's Sunday Spotlight 4.28.2024

Good afternoon CFTP!


This is week 2 of our testing of PRVN's programming. How did you like week 1?

So this week I will be making a decision of which programming we use for the next bit based off of what we have tested. 2 Weeks by no means gives us the full picture of a particular programming but it does give us a peek. So my task for you all is to think back to the first 2 weeks of this month (maybe even look back in the app) and then think back to last week and look at the upcoming week programming and give me your feedback.

It is important to me to know how you have been feeling on these workouts and also most importantly, how have you enjoyed either one. If you have an opinion either way, please email me before Wednesday this week! I will be making my decision on Wednesday for the upcoming months.

In my opinion, both of these programs were fun. I thought they were both well thought out and have their own feel to them. I believe we can't go wrong either way. The key to successfully implementing any programming is for us to do it consistently and so making the decision on which on to join needs to be done.

So please let me know what your thoughts are!


I was just reflecting this past week of just how far everyone in the gym has come since joining us. I think it is easy to forget where we were a year ago, 2 years ago, a decade ago. It is important to keep the perspective and to always be striving towards life long fitness. I believe many of you have found that routine at The Point that will help you to being active well into your later years of life. All it takes is the determination to commit and consistency over time.

Corporate offerings

We have not broadcast this as much as I should but we do offer corporate memberships for those of you who might own your own businesses or know of someone who could benefit from offering the services we offer at The Point. If you do have anyone that fits this, please reach out to me.
Could be a small team or a big team. We can accommodate.

Coach Dan

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