Coach Dan's Sunday Spotlight 5.30.2021

Dan Adamson
May 17, 2022
Coach Dan's Sunday Spotlight 5.30.2021

Good morning!

Memorial Day Murph 2021
Memorial Day Murph is finally here! After a long month of preparation, I believe we are ready for the complete Murph. Why is Murph completed on Memorial Day? With Memorial Day being a day to remember fallen heroes, it makes it a perfect day to remember Lt. Michael Murphy for his heroic actions in his final hours of his life. It is a great way to start your day to put you in the right frame of mind to remember all of those who made the ultimate sacrifice in the effort to assure our freedoms.
We will be running 3 heats. The first will begin at 7:30 AM, the second wave will begin at 8:15 and the final one will begin at 9 AM. With them running every 45 minutes, we ask that you come about 10 minutes early prior to your start time and get warmed up on your own. We want to start the workout as close to the starting times as possible and want you to be able to start with a group.

June Check in Challenge
During the pandemic we shifted over to the coaches checking you in. We want to change that going forward so I have implemented a June check in challenge. The PushPress Members App now allows you to check yourself in when you come into the gym. I'm going to take you through that process right now.
1. Download the PushPress Members App
If you haven't downloaded the members app yet, please do that now.

  1. Follow the following screenshots:

I know that this is one more thing that you will be asked to do when you come in but it makes a huge difference to me and my team. I want to reward you to help get you into the habit going forward so... I will do weekly prizes raffle prizes for each check in each week and then I will award the top person at the end of the month. The reserving of these classes is very important as well so that I can assure that when we start to bring in these new people, we have the right amount of trainers on hand to help coach you.

Return to The Point Promotion
I am so excited to announce our 2021 June promotion. Every year we do our July "Salute The Point" promotion of $199/3 months for new members. This year we are adding a June promotion... I miss our gym family who have helped sustain us and build us over the years. We have had many members come through our doors and many who have stayed but many who have gone away. Especially over this past year with the pandemic, we have had some of our box mates, our friends, who have yet to return.
So because I miss you guys and I want to show my appreciation for helping us build over the years and for making CrossFit The Point what it is today. I want to offer you a deal to get you back into the gym with your gym family! For the month of June, all previous CrossFit The Point members can join back up for 3 months for just $150! This is the best deal we have ever done and I hope you take me up on it.
So for all of our current members... SPREAD THE WORD to our old buddies! Let's get them back.

Here is the link for them!

Summer Promotions
These summer promotions are very important to the success of The Point but they only work because you all promote them. The July Salute The Point promotion is just around the corner so start mentioning it to your friends about joining up. Create your pool of people because we are planning on doing some awesome prizes this year. Also, we all have buddies that we met at The Point who are not currently coming. Hit them up and have them join back up during the month of June.
Thank you all for being such a positive influence in my life and I can't wait to see you all tomorrow at Murph.

Coach Dan

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