Coach Dan's Sunday Spotlight 6.6.2021

Dan Adamson
May 17, 2022
Coach Dan's Sunday Spotlight 6.6.2021

Good morning!

Fitcon Classic 2021

First off, thank you to all the volunteers who sacrificed their time to come help us judge and move equipment. Once again, everyone who competed were impressed with how things ran and with your professionalism. It was a long two days of hotness but you all did so well. Not everyone is pictured who helped since this was taken Saturday afternoon but I want you all to know how important your participation is to the success of these events.

I also want to give a shout out to the two teams who represented CrossFit The Point as competitors this past weekend. Mandy Turner and Cami Taylor represented in the Masters division and Melissa Boren with Ashley Vogl represented us in the scaled division.

These ladies pushed through some grueling workouts and the hot weather just made them harder. It was great to watch them compete and to be able to go back through all the hard work they have put in through the years and see that progress on full display on on the competition floor. Great job ladies!

TJ Winn
TJ has been working his butt off and this past weekend he went out to take on the Powerlifting Invitational. While it didn't go the way he had hoped, I definitely wanted to give him a shoutout for the work he has put in to prepare for this. Any athlete knows that sometimes not matter what you do leading up to an event, you can never prepare for everything that may happen. So while this wasn't the performance he hoped for, it doesn't take away for all the hard work he put into it. And if I were to guess, this won't be the last time we see TJ taking on the challenge.
TJ had this to say about what went down yesterday:
"I went into this meet as healthy and strong as I have ever been, but my performance didn’t show it.   I missed my first two squats one for depth and one for soft knees on the start (charms had never heard of this ) so I had to hit my final one to stay in the meet. 479 which is a meet PR but no where near what I wanted.  Bench I hit 289 but hurt my shoulder. Tried 302 and failed half way and didn’t take my third attempt.  Dead went 565, then 589 but tore so I didn’t get to go for my PR.   I worked so hard for this and have never been so disappointed in how it played out.  So 479.7, 289.0, 589.8 "

High Pride Night

What an amazing night Thursday night was at Point Fitness. We had over 100 participants and instructors at this event and raised well over $1500 for the charity Encircle!
Encircle CEO and Founder, Stephanie Larsen had this to say about the motivation of the Encircle Foundation
"We needed to create safe spaces, that felt like home and carried one powerful message — no sides, only love."
We are honored to have been able to host this event and hope that the contributions from this event will help spread more love to everyone.

Youth CrossFit Summer Program

We are continuing our ongoing youth program with a new Summer schedule. We will be moving the classes to Monday and Wednesday at 11 AM starting tomorrow! This is a great program to get your kids moving this summer and to hang out with friends all while working on their coordination and building healthy habits. This is for all children from ages 5-14.
If you haven't signed your kids up yet, please go here right now so we can get them setup to come in tomorrow morning.
First child $50/month.
Additional child $40/month.
$75/10 Punch pass.

New Summer Classes added
On the Group Fitness side we have added two new classes!
We have added another High Fitness class on Mondays at 8:30 AM and another Barre Fitness class on Wednesdays at 8:30 AM! Let's fill these classes! Spread the word!

Summer Babysitting
Remember about the summer babysitting change! We will still have it daily at 8:30 and 9:30 but if you bring your kids in those hours, I need you to take them upstairs and be sure to pay the babysitter directly. They will be taking Venmo or cash. It is $1.50/hour/kid. It's great having these teenagers helping us out during the summer and if this works out well, we will be looking to continue this year round but it'll take you all paying for the services.

Return to The Point Promotion

The month of June is the month for our gym family to return to us! Spread the word about the promotion. If you are reading this and you have been a member at The Point but are currently not a member, you qualify for this. We want you back! Just jump on the link and come back and join your gym family again. We are waiting for you!

Here's the link!

This past week we have had the following members return on this deal! If you see them in your class, be sure to give them a hug!
- Annelisa Sohm
- Angie Patterson
- Mike Patterson
- Kenny Delangis
- Jeff Daniels
- Chelsea Zorn

Salute The Point Promotion
The Salute The Point Promotion begins in July... be talking to your friends who have not joined us in the past and get them ready to join on this killer deal. We have some epic prizes that go along with this year's promotion.

Thanks again for always supporting our gym and our gym family. It's what makes us different.

Coach Dan

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