Coach Dan's Sunday Spotlight 7.3.2022

Dan Adamson
July 3, 2022
Coach Dan's Sunday Spotlight 7.3.2022

Good Sunday everyone!

Salute The Point
Let's get right into this. I have a lot to go through. Salute The Point Promotion is live through the month of July!

What is it?

It's a promotion for all non-members. It gives them 3 months of unlimited membership for only $199! You can send this link to those who might be interested to learn more:


We all know the excuses that our friends make when we ask them to join us at The Point and the number one thing is cost. With this 3-month promotion it takes away that excuse. Not only that, it allows our friends and family to come in and experience the value that we bring at The Point. Our goal is that within the three months they are with us that they love CrossFit and the CrossFit The Point community as much as we do.

How does this benefit me?

I know this question might sound weird but I think it is important to reward those of you who share with your friends. The only way that we can succeed as a gym is if you are loving the gym and wanting to share what you love with your friends.

Weekly Drawings for new shoes
So, I will be keeping track of who refers who and every week I will do a drawing for a pair of shoes! Each time you bring someone in, your name will go in the raffle. The earlier you bring your friends in, the more chances you have to win shoes because your name will stay in the raffle for as long as you haven't had your name drawn.

Free Roller
Every person who refers someone will get a free roller. We have vibrating ones and normal ones.

Milestone Drawings
For every 10 signups, I will do an immediate drawing for shoes! Every person who has entries will be eligible to be drawn out. Right now we have 16 already signed up on the deal! (Some peeps slipped in early). So the first drawing will be when we hit 20! Only 4 away.

Grand Prize Winner(s)
At the end of the month, I will tally up all the referrals and the person(s) with the most referrals will receive the following package:

1 month Free membership
Your choice of shoes up to $200 value
CrossFit The Point Shirt
CrossFit The Point Tumbler
Other swag... will be announced throughout the month.

A little caveat here... If we reach 40 sign ups, I will add a second grand prize winner for the top 2.

If we get to 50+ I will throw in a 3rd winner. Remember... We already have 16 on the books...

Invite friends to be fit with you, win prizes, help the gym. BOOM! Let's do this!

Hero Week

MONDAY JULY 4th hours are: 7/8/9 AM only!

Hero week is here and the workouts have been programmed. Check them out in your Chalk it app.

I love Hero Week because it's an opportunity for us to celebrate the 4th of July holiday while remembering heroes who have died for our freedoms. It's a long and hard week but I challenge you all to come in and do as many as you can. As always, you may modify the workouts any way you need to. You will notice that the Heroes will not have a color system set for them. They are set as Rx or scaled. Since these are heroes, I am going to keep it that way. With that being said, myself or one of the coaches on my staff will help you modify each Hero according to your abilities.

Hero Week shirts are almost done! I will get them done and to you by the end of the week!

Under construction
Finally, we are under construction and working to improve the area as quickly as possible. So please be patient with us as we make these changes. There may be some clutter before we are through but things are starting to come together and I am so excited for the improved area!

Thank you all for the excitement you bring to the gym. I really appreciate the atmosphere you create and the positive attitude you bring. See you all this week!

Coach Dan

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