Coach Dan's Sunday Spotlight 7.31.2022

Dan Adamson
August 7, 2022
Coach Dan's Sunday Spotlight 7.31.2022

Happy Sunday!

Promotion - Salute The Point

The promotion is ending EOD today! If you have had friends or family who wanted to join up, hit them up right now with this link and tell them to sign up! After today, this promotion is over!

Winners for the post in a local group and comment on my post will be drawn tonight! So you still have time to jump on my post and comment for one entry or post in a group you are a part of to get 5 entries... We have only had a few of you do this and message me about it so you have a good chance to win!
Here's the group of my post... you'll have to scroll down to find my post from last Sunday:

I will also be drawing the referral winner for the 30 sign up milestone and only 2 away from the 40 sign up milestone... So if we hit that, I'll draw a second winner for shoes!

Dexabody Scan Side Hustle

This scan is in two days and we still have slots to fill! Remember, we have a side hustle that you can be a part of or you can just get scanned for your own knowledge of where you stand. This next side hustle will only be 2 months long since we are starting a month later than the usual quarterly competition. The winners get the pot of money we put into the challenge!

Sign up here today! Get on now so you can get the time slot that fits your schedule. For those who signed up for the Salute The Point promotion, I highly recommend you joining us in this challenge for a couple of reasons, 1) It gives you a starting point of your body fat which allows you to see your progress from the get go. 2) It'll help motivate you to eat better and be consistent and start your fitness journey off on the right foot.

Battle of the Boxes

Congratulations on all our competitors! We had 2 and a half teams there... The half being Dillen who teamed up with someone not yet at our box. ;)

Shrek and Donkey (Jake Cole and Eric Nelson) - Both of these athletes saw huge strides building up to this competition. I watched as they both learned to climb ropes efficiently and their work on the barbell allowed for them both to PR their hang clean during the competition.

This is the Whey (Dillen + partner) - These beasts were in the Rx top division and worked their way to a top 10 finish! Congrats man. You will see Dillen coming in twice a day and putting in the extra work. He is one of the hardest working athletes at The Point. Well deserved top 10 finish.

Big Timbers (Coach Colby Jex and Isaac Merrell) - These beasts dominated the scene yesterday and ended up on top of the Podium! Congratulations men!

I am always so pumped to see our athletes join these competitions and compete. It gives us a chance to see your hard work put to the test. We used to be a box that really had a huge group join these competitions and I believe it's time we show the force of The Point again. I'll post upcoming competitions each Sunday starting next week so you all know what is coming up. Whether it be a CrossFit competition or other competitions, I would love to see us using our fitness more outside the walls of our gym.

Unlimited off hour access

The time has come where all of our unlimited members (Including our Salute The Point peeps) now have 24 hour access to the gym. What does this mean? It means that if you have an unlimited membership you are allowed to enter the gym and use the gym any time outside of class hours! There are rules in place and we will be working to work out the kinks as they come up but essentially this means the following:

  1. You will download an app that gives you access to open the northeast main entrance door. (HybridAF App)
  2. You may use the gym but you must wipe down all equipment used and return it to its proper place.
  3. You must be done with your workout before a class starts. This access cannot get in the way of our regular classes and disturb the coach led classes.
  4. You are not allowed to bring non-members in with you. If they want off-hour access then they must pay for the off-hour access only pass. Let me know if you have friends interested in this pass. If you do bring someone in that is not a member, your account will be charged $20 for their drop in. If you have a friend that wants to drop in for the first time with you to try it out, you must first message me so I know not to charge your account. I have cameras up and notifications set so I will know if brought in a friend that is not yet signed up. PLEASE DO NOT ABUSE THIS PERK OF MEMBERSHIP.

I will send all unlimited memberships that qualify information on how you can gain this access. My goal is to have this done today but it might take a bit as I hook up with my PushPress Software peeps and HybridAF Software peeps to make sure everything is in place. I will get this done this week and the access will begin! Super hyped to add this to your memberships!

Vacation time

I had an amazing time out on vacation. Thank you to my training team for taking such good care of the gym and our gym family.

While on vacation I ate what I wanted. I played with my kids and I enjoyed my time off. Vacation and time off is important but it's even more important that when we come back, we get back into our healthy habits as soon as possible.
I plan to use the Dexabody scan to get me motivated to get back to my healthy eating and consistent working out starting tomorrow! I invite you all to join me as we work together towards being healthy and happy.

Coach Dan

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