Coach Dan's Sunday Spotlight 8.7.2022

Dan Adamson
August 7, 2022
Coach Dan's Sunday Spotlight 8.7.2022

Happy Sunday CFTP!

It was great being back with you all week and with my trainers all deciding to vacation at the same time... I am sure you got your fill of me.

Dexabody Scan

Such an amazing turnout on the dexabody! I hope you all were able to get scanned if you wanted to. So what will happen next is that I will be sending out an email to all that scanned and for those who want to put $40 into the pot for the Dexabody side hustle, you'll need to just respond to that email and I will get you signed up.
We will have a rescan in two months.
Once I get the link I will post that. The male and female who earns the highest body fat change will win. To do this you must gain muscle and lose fat. If we have a big group, I will add winners and have more than one winner...

Off-hour access

Still waiting on the automatic turn on for those of you who are unlimited so I am going to do it manually for now so you can get access to our gym off-hours. I want to go through these steps here and then I also want to reiterate some rules.

How to get access to HybridAF:
1- Download the app HybridAF.

2- Sign up with your email that you use for your PushPress Account.

3- Select CrossFit The Point as your gym.

4- I will receive notification, check your membership, and give you access.

5- Unlock North door within the app.

Off Hour Access Rules

  1. You may use the gym while classes aren't in session but you must wipe down all equipment used and return it to its proper place.
  2. You must be done with your workout before a class starts. This access cannot get in the way of our regular classes and disturb the coach led classes.
  3. You are not allowed to bring non-members in with you. If they want off-hour access then they must pay for the off-hour access only pass. Let me know if you have friends interested in this pass. If you do bring someone in that is not a member, your account will be charged $20 for their drop in. If you have a friend that wants to drop in for the first time with you to try it out, you must first message me so I know not to charge your account. I have cameras up and notifications set so I will know if brought in a friend that is not yet signed up. PLEASE DO NOT ABUSE THIS PERK OF UNLIMITED MEMBERSHIP.
  4. If you have friends that want off-hour access only... Here is the link:

Salute The Point Winners

I will be doing the final drawing for the 30/40/50 milestones...So 3 more pair of shoes this evening... and also announcing the winner of Grand Prize winner for most referrals at the same time. I will then put the order in for shoes for all of our winners and get those to you as soon as possible.

CrossFit Games

Did you get a chance to watch the games? If not, check it out and watch these amazing athletes perform. Log onto

After watching the games this week I am reminded once again that this sport of CrossFit brings out the best in all of us. While we can only dream of doing some of these things that the Games athletes do, we are doing our version of it each and every day. As we work to develop and build up on our levels, we are doing what they are doing but just at our own levels and according to our own goals. As the great Greg Glassman always said, "The needs of an Olympic athlete and our grandparents differ by degree not kind." No matter what level we are at, we can continue to progress through and achieve our goals.

Final note

Don't forget to join our Facebook Group if you haven't yet.

Coach Dan

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