Coach Dan's Sunday Spotlight 9.17.2023

Dan Adamson
September 24, 2023
Coach Dan's Sunday Spotlight 9.17.2023

Good morning CFTP!

Level Method Testing

That was a grueling 3 weeks of testing but the results have been awesome. Not only did we get 16 brand new full level athletes completed, we also had numerous PRs and Level Ups across the board!

This sets us up nicely for the coming year and continual progression as athletes. Thank you all for working hard to get these complete. If you are still missing some, you have a couple of choices. You can either do them on your own during open gym time or during classes or you can wait for the retests to come around. We are going to be doing a couple of tests minimum every month to retest our levels.

For those who did complete a full level for the first time or for those of you who leveled up to a new color, you will be receiving a free shirt matching your level. I will give you all one more week to enter any missing levels you have tested into the app before pulling the data and ordering the shirts to be printed. Only those who have entered all 15 levels will get a shirt.

Lockdown 2023

What is it?
3-week in-house competition for fun.

Who is it for?
All CrossFit The Point members.

There will be 3 tiers separated by the Level Method Levels. The levels will be broken out like this:

White -> Orange - Tier 1

Orange -> Purple - Tier 2

Purple+ - Tier 3

What’s the format?

It will be a partner competition. So find a partner in a similar level as you and team up. It’ll be male/male or female/female.

What level should I compete in?

I know that some overall levels are skewed since it goes off your weakness… So for this competition I would go off of the level that you have the most of. Let’s take my level as an example.

You can see that I am officially Blue 3 because of my rowing. But I have 7 black levels and 6 brown levels and 1 purple level. So really I would probably fall in the brown-black range and if I was competing I would be in Tier 3.

What will the cost be?

We will charge $25 per person.

What do I get for competing?

The cost will cover a custom 2023 Lockdown t-shirt with the logo above. I will also look to get some swag items for the winners and I am working on a trophy that I can add all the past lockdown winners to and also add the winners of 2023 to as well. This will hang prominently in the gym somewhere. Was working on this last year as well but I have a plan this year to get this up this year!


3 Weeks starting on October 2nd! You will complete the workout as the class workout on Mondays and you will have until Wednesday to submit your score. (Exceptions can be made to accommodate schedules).

Don't have a partner in mind but want to do it? Sign up and we will find you a partner that matches your tier.

I will be sending out the sign up link along with the shirt orders next week!

Final Thoughts

I have really enjoyed looking through the level method entries and seeing so much progress. I love this method of tracking our fitness. It's so cool for everyone to see their progress comes in more forms than just what you look like in the mirror. The power is in your hands now to see where your strengths and where your weaknesses lie and then it's up to you to choose to improve on the weaknesses or not.

Coach Dan

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