Coach Dan's Sunday Spotlight 9.18.2022

Dan Adamson
October 16, 2022
Coach Dan's Sunday Spotlight 9.18.2022

Good morning CFTP!

Not going to lie... I really had some fun this past week. Aside from Karen, this week had some super fun workouts... Even Karen was ok. I want to foremost thank you all for always sharing your love for the gym. We've been organically growing since I took back over in April and I love to see it.


I get asked a lot about nutrition. I have an amazing answer now. We have an awesome Nutrition Coach who will now be taking care of your nutrition needs. Coach Shauna will be taking on CrossFit The Point members at a discounted rate.

CFTP Nutrition Coaching Options

Introduction to Macros Package 1: $99 for 4 weeks includes:

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Nutrition Coaching Package 2:  3 month package $1197 or for CFTP Members Only $897

Customized nutrition plan- 

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I love that there is the first option to get you started. Coach Shauna has tons of certificates in this field and truly cares about nutrition. She will be an amazing asset to you as you work to change up your eating habits. Not only will she be a great coach but also educate you so that you can take on this nutrition task alone after she is done working with you.

If you want to start this, just email me and I will add it to your account. I will then get you in contact with Shauna and we will get you eating healthy!


The importance of nutrition cannot be understated. Many times people think they are eating healthy but in reality they are not. Just like you need to learn all the ins and outs of Olympic Lifting, it's important to be educated on nutrition. We all have preconceived notions of what is healthy and we may not be right. We develop habits over the years and it is important to get coaching to help break those habits.

Let's take the snatch as an example. We recently started working on this and some of you have never done a snatch before coming to The Point and others have done snatches but have never been taught properly. Either way, whether it's breaking the old habits for those who have experience or learning the movement altogether, it's important to have a coach to take you through the process.

The same thing goes for Nutrition. If you have never been properly introduced to correct nutrition, I would highly recommend taking on the "Introduction to Macros Package 1" It'll give you an overview and also give you an ally in Shauna to bounce ideas off of and keep you consistent.


This is such an important piece to the fitness puzzle that I don't want to announce or talk about anything else this week. If you want true results, you need to get your nutrition in check and if you want one of the best Nutrition Coaches out there, then go with Coach Shauna.

Coach Dan

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