2021 Salute The Point Promotion

Dan Adamson
May 17, 2022
2021 Salute The Point Promotion

I am excited to announce the details of this year's Salute The Point promotion. The promotion itself is the same as year's past but your opportunity to win prizes has changed!

Up top is the image that can be used and shared with your friends who are interested in joining this year. Share it!

Deals to be had in July
There are two deals that are available for your friends.
1st - The above 3 Month CrossFit deal for $199. Send this link to your friends: https://thepoint.pushpress.com/open/subscribe/ajis
2nd - High Fitness/Barre Fitness Punch passes. $25 for 10 punches each. In order to qualify you and a buddy or group of buddies must all purchase the deal. You cannot qualify without a buddy.
Send this link to your friends: https://thepoint.pushpress.com/open/subscribe/9j9f

Weekly Shoe Giveaway
In year's past we have done a share/comment/like raffle each week. We would share a daily post and you would get an entry for sharing it. This year there will be no daily posts. Instead I will post this image above once a week.

Sharing the weekly post
To gain 1 raffle ticket all you need to do is share the post and tag friends that might be interested.

Referral signup
For each referral you sign up that signs up for the 3 month CrossFit deal, you will receive 5 raffle tickets for the weekly drawing. For every referral who signs up for the High/Barre Fitness buddy passes, you get 1 raffle ticket.

It's that simple... Two ways to gain raffle tickets for the weekly drawing. These tickets will stay in throughout the month of July and will be in there for each drawing. So the earlier you bring peeps in, the better chance you have to win.

Referral Prizes

This is also going to be different. In year's past we did winners. The person with the most won the prize. This year we want to reward every person for bringing in people. So we set it up into 3 packages (Bronze, Silver and Gold to celebrate the olympics) and they will look like this:

Bronze Package - 2 Referrals
- Free special edition dope shirt
- Foam Roller
- Muscle roller stick

Silver Package - 4 Total Referrals
Everything from Bronze Package
- CFTP Water Bottle
- Your choice of protein
- 1 pair of Reebok Nanos

Gold Package - 6+ Referrals
- Everything from Silver Package
- 1 Month Free Membership
- An extra pair of Reebok Nanos OR an upgrade to any brand of shoe up to $200 OR an RPM Jump Rope.

*For every 2 Group Fitness Punch Pass promotions you sell (4 people), you get credit for 1 Referral to qualify for the above prizes.*

The promotions are officially open! Let's build our gym family!

Thank you so much for being willing to share our gym with your friends and family!


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