Coach Dan's Sunday Spotlight 5.26.2024

Dan Adamson
May 26, 2024
Coach Dan's Sunday Spotlight 5.26.2024

Happy Memorial Day Weekend Everyone.

Memorial Day Murph

I hope you all are excited for tomorrow morning's Murph!


Two Classes at 7 and 9 AM

Everyone is invited! Bring your friends to come hang out.

Protein Pancakes and CSE's new Ready to Drink Clear Protein for all who come!

FREE FREE FREE! Spread the word!

You can do any variation of Murph you choose. If you want to use a vest, our vest selection is very poor so bring your own if you want a good experience with a vest. If you have extra vests and are willing to share, bring them in.

Murph Standards:
We talk about this day in and day out but I want to remind you all that these are the standards for the movements of Murph:
Pull-up: Starts in a fully extended hand on each rep. Rep is counted when chin reaches above the bar.
Push-up: Starts in an upper plank position with nothing but your toes and your hands touching the ground. Lower down until your chest and hips touch the ground. Push yourself up using your upper body only with no use of your legs. Toes stay in contact with the ground throughout the movement. PUSHUP IS NOT COMPLETE UNTIL YOU REACH FULL ELBO LOCKOUT and finish in the upper plank position.

Murph and all Hero workouts are repeated over and over again. By abiding by the standards each time, you are better able to compete against yourself each time you complete the workout.

What is Murph:

Lt. Michael P. Murphy - The Murph Challenge 2020 – The Murph Challenge 2024

The Murph workout is a CrossFit workout that honors the life of Navy Lieutenant Michael Murphy, who died in Afghanistan on June 28, 2005. The workout was originally called "Body Armor" by Murphy, but was renamed after him and introduced as a CrossFit "Hero" workout in 2005. CrossFitters and Navy SEALs often complete the workout on Memorial Day.

Murph and Summer Shirts

Shirts are at the printers. I pushed to get them done for the event but failed. We will have them in the next week or so.

Bring a friend to the gym free week!

This week, your friends come free! It's a great chance for friends to try us out for free for a week. They can come to any hours they choose. We have found that the best way for us to grow and be successful is through you all sharing your love for the gym and bringing in friends. It's always less intimidating when new people have a friends to suffer with.

I hope you all are having a great weekend and I hope to see you all tomorrow morning!

Coach Dan

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