Coach Dan's Sunday Spotlight 1.15.2023

Dan Adamson
January 15, 2023
Coach Dan's Sunday Spotlight 1.15.2023

Good Afternoon!

Dexabody Side Hustle

I sent out an email to all who scanned requesting a response if you are planning to compete. I have not received everyone's responses. I need you to respond to that email with what device you will be using in order for me to get these free codes out for the Clean Simple Eats app. I am anxious to get started myself so as soon as they get me those codes, I will be sending them out so you can start eating healthier and using this awesome app.

Apparel Update

So the apparel is being printed as we speak. I believe you all should get them this week. We will be doing another order around the time of the open to be included with the Open Shirts. More on the Open in next week's spotlight.

On top of that I will finally be ordering in the shirts for those of you who have finished off your levels and have a level. You will get a shirt color that matches your overall level. This week we will be doing 2 more assessments but if you are missing any, feel free to come in early or do some of the assessments during your class in lieu of the workout. Next Sunday I plan to purchase the shirts so if you want to get a free shirt with your assessment color, I would recommend finishing them off this week.


This week's programming will be the final week between strength cycles. Starting next week we will be starting a powerlifting cycle! I am excited to get some Deadlifts, Back Squats and Bench consistently programmed starting next week.

2023 Goals

I have taken a picture of the whiteboard with all of the goals. I am hoping to get that printed out in some way that we can all see it and keep ourselves accountable this year and celebrate when we accomplish what we set out to do. Maybe there will be some prizes involved... If you haven't put your goals up there, Please do it in the next couple days... Once I get the poster ordered, I won't be able to add any more.

Update on my goals:
12,000 Calories on the Bike: 338 Calories
50k Meters on the Rower: 1650 meters
500 Miles running: 2.5 miles
Body fat... TBD ;)

Feel free to email me your status update on your goals so we can help each other keep on track and motivated.

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