Coach Dan's Sunday Spotlight 4.23.2023

Dan Adamson
April 23, 2023
Coach Dan's Sunday Spotlight 4.23.2023

Good evening!

Late night post... But let's get ready for this upcoming week!

Dexabody 2nd Quarter Side Hustle

I'll be sending out an email later this week to see if there is enough interest for this upcoming quarter. If there is then we will for sure run it. This current challenge will go through July since we will do the 8-week challenge starting in August with the newcomers that join us during our Salute The Point special we run in July.

Free Week

The free week special for April is coming to an end at the end of this month. Be sure to spread the word and get your friends to come in and give The Point a whirl for a week in April! Here's the link.

Olympic Lifting Cycle

We are about to start week 5 of our Oly cycle! I hope you all are able to take advantage of these drills to get more comfortable with the Clean and Jerk and Snatch. We are about half way through and you should start seeing the weights increase as we go for a new max in Week 9.

Murph Prep

You will notice that once again we will be doing another Murph like workout tomorrow to prep us for Memorial Day Murph. I will announce more about this event and unveil the 2023 logo for the Murph shirts next week. The Memorial Day Murph workout will be a great time for you to invite friends and come hang out and complete the annual event! Set a goal for what you want to do for this year's Murph. Will it be your first weighted vest Murph (True Rx). Will it be your first time doing it without modifying the pull-ups or push-ups? Will it be your first time doing half of Murph? I always look forward to this workout and hope you all are as well.

Spartan WODs

For those who have been around for years, you will be familiar with what we call Spartan WODs. Now that the weather is getting better, I decided to introduce them again. The history of Spartan WODs was that back in the day we had a Spartan team that completed the Utah Spartan together. In preparation for this event, we introduced a couple of longer workouts each week that were options for those who chose to get in a bit more running and more bodyweight type workouts.

The reason I want to bring them back is because I always thought they were fun to have and sometimes we want to switch things up and get a longer workout in. With these workouts, they will be programmed on Tuesdays and Thursdays but if you choose to do them, I want to be clear that the Workout of the Day takes precedence and I recommend that in order to get the most out of the strength cycle we are currently on, that you still do the strengths with the class.

I will attempt to program these to coincide nicely with the programming of the week and of the day but they are longer and you will either need to continue after the class has finished or start on your own during the strength portion of the class. What I want to make clear is while I love to provide these options, I do not want it to take away from the class when they are focusing on the strength and warmups and even the WOD.

On the note of Spartan WODs... Should we do a team this year and take on the Utah Spartan? Shoot me an email if you are interested and I will see if we can get something organized. Me and my repaired ankle will be looking for a challenge!

Teen Program

We are working through some details for a possible teen program at The Point. Just putting it out there to see what interest amongst our current membership there might be. If you have teens that you think could benefit from our Strength, Speed, and Agility Teen program, let me know. Shooting for a start date of June.

Final Thoughts

I am constantly trying to find ways to make your experience special and more catered around your goals. If you have suggestions or need extra help, please don't hesitate to reach out. Also, if you ever have suggestions on the marketing front, I am all ears. Would love to continue to build and I am always open to hearing suggestions.

Thanks for all your support. Without your support, The Point cannot survive. Being back a year since the buy back has made me realize that this is where I want to be and I want to fill this space with more people so they can see the benefit of healthy living and building strength.

Coach Dan

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