Coach Dan's Sunday Spotlight 1.28.2024

Dan Adamson
January 28, 2024
Coach Dan's Sunday Spotlight 1.28.2024

Good Afternoon,

New Year's Goals Checkpoint

This is your goals checkpoint. Stop now and send me your progress report on your goals:

Here's mine:
Run 500 Miles: 18.9 Miles Ran (Added 7 miles this week. Getting faster and longer on each run)
4 Days a week of CrossFit: Worked out 4 times with my birthday WOD Saturday!
Sub 18% body Fat: Work in progress

CrossFit Open

We are a month away from the CrossFit Open! Check out last weeks Spotlight to see some of the details of the fun we have planned. If you haven't signed up yet, do so over at!

We will be doing shirts for $15/piece. Purchasing a shirt will give your team an extra point for showing team spirit. Shirts will be the color that your team chooses to be. You are not required to purchase one to participate. Putting the finishing touches on the logo. Once I get it done, I will send out an email for the link.

Getting Older

With myself turning 40, there are a lot of things on my mind. One thing is how I approach my fitness. I have learned over the years that it isn't about how much you workout or lift or how fast you go in a single workout session but more so about how consistently you workout. If you are going to workout till the day you die, which is my goal, then you must create the habits that allow you to do so. Not only that, you have to approach each day with longevity in mind.

Is it really worth getting that extra 5 pounds on your deadlift if it puts you out for 2 weeks? NO. Be smart about how you approach your workouts and while setting new records will happen, let them happen gradually. Rome wasn't built in a day.

Testing week

This week is testing week. We will be doing 4 maxes! That means you all need to be extra vigilant with your recovery. Eat all the protein this week. Drink all the water. Get your full 8+ hours of sleep. Come ready to hit the gym hard!

In addition to the maxes, we are also completing two level method tests. The Aerobic Power Intervals on Tuesday and the Lactic Tolerance on Thursday. We will also be taking on an old open workout on Friday. This week is full of fun. Excited to do this!

Coach Dan

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