Coach Dan's Sunday Spotlight 10.29.2023

Dan Adamson
October 29, 2023
Coach Dan's Sunday Spotlight 10.29.2023

Good afternoon CFTP

Dexabody Scan

We will be doing the 3rd quarter rescan on November 6th! That is next week, so get your times scheduled!

Here is the link to sign up for November 6th!

Halloween Party

We had a humble showing at our Halloween party but it was a blast! We got to watch as the Vogls took on their Vogl Challenge and complete 45 rounds for Jared and 47 rounds for Ashley! For those keeping score... that is over 675 Air Squats performed from each of them.

Thank you to the Vogls for suggesting it and for putting it on! The next event where we will be inviting outsiders is going to be Thanksgiving! I will be putting that out soon. I love the Thanksgiving WOD AKA Turkey Day Massacre at The Point. It will be a great one to bring in some friends and family prior to gorging ourselves on Turkey dinner.


We will not have official classes Tuesday night, Halloween night. You, of course, are welcome to use your all access passes to come in and complete the workout on your own.

New Apparel Order

We have 5 different types of clothing on this order. Zip Hoodies, Pullover Hoodies, Women's Pullover, Shirts, and Sweats.

Remember, you only have until Wednesday to get the orders in! If you don't order, there won't be extras to sell when they get here.

This is a pre-order only sale.

Final Thoughts

I hope you all have enjoyed the past week with a bit more barbell. I was so jealous this past week as I watched you all do these workouts. I will be back soon enough suffering and getting fit along side you.

I am so impressed with your progress and I appreciate all of you hard work that you put in every day. Let's keep this momentum going through the end of the year!

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