Coach Dan's Sunday Spotlight 4.14.2024

Dan Adamson
May 5, 2024
Coach Dan's Sunday Spotlight 4.14.2024

Good Afternoon CFTP!

I hope you all are having an amazing weekend.

CrossFit QuarterFinals

First off I want to congratulate everyone who made it to stage 2 of the CrossFit Games. The CrossFit Quarterfinals will take place this coming weekend! We are working together as a group to try and complete these tests together and would love to have people come and cheer if you are available. Once we figure out the schedule, I will send out another email so those who want to, can come watch us take on these tests.

Dexabody Update

I have finally been able to get in contact with Dexabody and I will give some options soon to those who scanned in January and then we are working to get a workshop planned so we can better understand the scan and be educated on what it is all about.

One thing I can say is that when they encountered the inaccuracies from our scans in January, they replaced the parts that caused the issues and from what it sounds like, they have fixed any issues that occurred.


I am interested to hear your thoughts on this past week of programming as we explore different programs prior to choosing one for the next bit. We will do the same programming this coming week so please don't hesitate to share your positives and negatives to the program. Everyone has their own opinions and you expressing yours will help me in deciding what best fits our community.

After this week we will have 2 more weeks of a separate program and then I will make a decision on where we go from there.


They will finish up with the construction this week and then it will take a little time for me to clean up and organize but we are in the home stretch. Thank you for your patience as we build this new version of the gym.

One thing I noticed and just want to mention pertains to some gym etiquette. 2 things I want to hit on today:

  1. Cleaning up while others are working.
    We try our best to program the workouts to enable us to go all the way to the time cap of a workout and still have time after class to cool down and clean up. Nothing is more demoralizing as an athlete to be grinding through a workout to have someone walk through your station with their weights and barbell because they are done and are in a hurry to clean up and leave.
    With the way we have our levels set up, everyone generally finishes within 5 minutes of each other. I would implore you to be patient on your clean up so all your classmates can finish. Even better, cheer them on as they struggle to get through the workout. This used to be second nature at The Point but we seemed to have lost it along the way. I BLAME COVID. Because why not?
  2. After Class Shenanigans
    This goes hand in hand with #1. Our gym has the amazing ability to echo even the quietest of conversations. I love love love, members sticking around after and shooting the bull. We are all friends and love to chat with each other after suffering together. With us moving the whole gym into a 4,000 sqft area with no lobby area, this chit chat can make it difficult for the next class to hear the instruction from the coach so please be aware of your conversations that bleed over into the next class.

Coach Dan

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