Coach Dan's Sunday Spotlight 2.19.2023

Dan Adamson
February 19, 2023
Coach Dan's Sunday Spotlight 2.19.2023

Good afternoon!

First off... If you haven't joined our Facebook Group... You can do so here:

Feels so good to be back in the open and to have so many of you participating! Friday Night Lights was a blast! It's been a long time since I felt that fun atmosphere that accompanies The Open competition. If you missed FNL 23.1, be sure to be there this Friday for FNL 23.2. I for sure personally would not have been able to hit those 3 muscle ups had it not been for the atmosphere and cheering from my peeps.
If you were at FNL, I have uploaded some of the pictures we were able to get for you here:

Open Teams

Well on Wednesday night we had 42 signed up and now we have 66! Freaking love it! I will be putting you all on the teams that you were recruited to. If any of you late sign ups have not let me know which team recruited you, please shoot me a message so I put you on the right team.

Also, we are not requiring you to purchase a shirt to be in on the in house open but if you want a shirt, you can get yours here at one of the links below. I need you to order them before the end of day tomorrow (Monday).

Women's Shirt Link:
Men's Shirt Link:

If you haven't signed up but still want to, all you have to do is jump on the site and sign up there and put CrossFit The Point as your affiliate.

Entering scores

In order for your workout to count as points for your team and to be on the leaderboard, I need you to jump on the games site and enter your score. If you don't remember what your score is, message me asap and I will get it to you. Many of you have entered your score already but some haven't. THEY DO NOT ALLOW LATE SCORE ENTRIES! I need you to enter your scores before 6 PM tomorrow!

The following people I have a scoresheet from but have not entered their score on the Games site:
Cat Parker
Amy McKinnon
Melissa Boren
Janelle Ott
Richard White (Score was incorrect and rejected. Resubmit please)
Brent Ramey
Chris Delangis
Brad Hammond
Autumn Marcheschi
Renee Delangis
Hayden Strikwerda
Merrilee Robbins
Derek Keller
Brad Hansen

If you completed it over the weekend, I will validate them once I get your scoresheets tomorrow.

Monday Schedule

I know many have tomorrow off. Our schedule for the morning classes will remain unchanged! BUT! Noon will be open gym with Coach Jonny and then I will come in at 3 PM and run two classes 3 and 4 for those of you who need to come in and get your Open workout in or the Daily WOD in. Remember, if you are an unlimited member, you have access to the gym off hours as well. So feel free to come in when you are able even though we don't have the two later classes. The gym is available to Unlimited members during that time.

Open Judging

If your workout is going to count and validated on the games site then you must have a judge. If you have to go at a time when nobody else is there and that's the only choice you have, video your workout and send me the video and I will judge you from the video and validate your scores. Ideally everyone gets their workout done at a regular class on Fridays or at FNL but I understand that sometimes that doesn't happen. So, let me know if we need to accommodate your schedule because I want everyone to fully participate.

Team Scoring

Don't forget about the ways you can contribute to your team score:

If you get a PR, post on socials, complete the Vogl challenge or gain points in any way please email me at so I can give you those points.

I will plan to add up all the scores from each week and post the team leaderboard on Wednesdays.


This past year has been full of a lot of changes. It sounds cliche but it really has been like a rollercoaster. I feel like with this year's open, we have come full circle and as I watched you all compete all day Friday and at Friday Night Lights, I truly felt the excitement that I used to feel. Your support and hard work has ignited my love for CrossFit and love for CrossFit The Point. Thank you and let's kill it these next 3 weeks!

Coach Dan

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