Coach Dan's Sunday Spotlight 2.11.2024

Dan Adamson
February 11, 2024
Coach Dan's Sunday Spotlight 2.11.2024

Happy Super Bowl Sunday CFTP!

New Year's Goals Check Point

This is your goals checkpoint. Stop now and send me your progress report on your goals:

Here's mine:
Run 500 Miles: 35.4 Miles Ran Total
4 Days a week of CrossFit: Worked out 4 times
Sub 18% body Fat: Work in progress

Hope you all are enjoying your weekend. Just want to check in and go over the upcoming week.

2024 CrossFit Open

We are only 2 and a half weeks away from CrossFit Christmas! We get to find out what the first workout of the 2024 season is! So far we have 18 CFTP Members signed up at! Remember you don't have to officially sign up through the games site to participate but I always encourage it as that is where I will award extra points for participation and it will also be the place that I award extra points for weekly top finishers for respective teams.

I announced last week we are putting teams together dependent on where they attend class the most. This past week, I have assigned coaches/Team captains to each team. Here are your team captains!

5:30/7:30 AM: Ashley and Jared Vogl and Grace Cox
6:30/8:30 AM: Stephen Olson and Melissa Boren
9:30/Noon: Shauna Mayer and Krishelle Butterfield
Evening: Dan and Emily Adamson and Coleton Oleen

The top theme nights so far are as follows: (You still have time to cast your vote!)
Favorite Sports Team
3-Way tie: Animal Print, Wild West, 90s

Cast your vote!

Signing up for The In House Competition

To sign up officially, you will need to complete the 1st week workout and be judged and submit an official scorecard. By doing this, you will be assigned to your team and will be part of the in house competition.

You can gain extra points through signing up officially on the games site and also buying an official CFTP shirt.

Only a handful have emailed me about the shirt order so I decided to provide a link that you can buy one. Maybe it's easier than getting you to email me. So if you want a shirt or a tank top, click the link below. I need all shirt orders complete two weeks from today in order to get the shirts here before the big Week 4 in house finale!

2024 CFTP Open T-shirt
2024 CFTP Open Tank Top

Last week level ups!

Congrats to the 22 new rowing level ups! That's incredible! Great job grinding through that 20 minute row!

This week's programming

This week we will be doing a few maxes to see where our Olympic Movements are. First will a 1-rep Max Snatch on Tuesday, then a 1-rep max Clean and Jerk on Thursday and then a 1-rep max Overhead Squat. The maxes on Tuesday and Thursday will also be a good opportunity for you to test your Weightlifting Levels!

On Wednesday, my dear little Scarlet Paige was born. In the past we have done the Scarlet Paige workout. It has been a few years since I put it into the programming. As requested by a few of you zealots, I have re-entered it in on Wednesday, so if you are up for a challenge, it is there for you. We will also have another option that day for anyone who has had just about enough of the Scarlet Paige workout. ;)

Coach Dan

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