Coach Dan's Sunday Spotlight 4.21.2024

Dan Adamson
April 21, 2024
Coach Dan's Sunday Spotlight 4.21.2024

Good Afternoon CFTP!


It has been awesome seeing all the quarterfinalists take on these challenges and to see you all cheering them on and encouraging them. Apologies for any distraction we may have caused during regular hours. We tried to schedule them outside class hours but with schedules being the way they are, we were kind of getting them in when we could.


Well I have enjoyed the change of pace the past two weeks with IBEX programming. It was a great trial and gave me a good idea of what they have to offer if we go that route. With those 2 weeks behind us, we will be trying out another program, PRVN. I am all ears when it comes to your preferences and for me it is all about finding the program that you all enjoy the most.

My opinion on programming is that every program has its pros and cons. Every professional program will create fitter athletes if said athletes consistently engage and follow through. The key is finding the program that keeps all of you engaged and enjoying the gains and the workouts.

Working out is hard. Staying consistent is hard. One of the reasons CrossFit is so effective is because it tricks us into getting fitter. We love coming in because there is always variety. It never gets boring. You will always be challenged. The minute a program doesn't challenge you, that's the moment many quit.

I for one have been thoroughly challenged this past two weeks and I look forward to the coming weeks.

Using Chalk it Pro

In case you were not aware, within your app, I add athlete notes. If you click on the little notepad, your notes will pop up to help prepare you for the day.

Facebook Group

I have noticed that a few of you are still yet to join our Private Facebook Group. If that is you, please join us. In here we post the daily boards and also it's a great place to chat and ask questions and post your victories.

Fit For Life

Final thoughts. I was listening to the radio on Thursday and they had a doctor on. They were talking about how many people come into their clinic during the springtime. Do you know why? Lower back pain and shoulder pain due to doing yard work! Then the host went on to say that he was out over the weekend weeding and mowing the lawn and his back still hurt and THIS WAS THURSDAY!

I heard this and I was astounded. I do not ever want to become that person where every day chores knock me out. Doing anything different is going to cause some discomfort but enough to push you to go to the doctor... That's too much for me.

Sometimes I forget just how lucky we are to have found a program like CrossFit where it consistently challenges us and keeps us in functional shape. Sure sometimes we walk funny the next day after a hard workout but if someone were to ask me to go on a 5 mile hike this coming weekend, I wouldn't decline due to not being ready for it.

Stay consistent. Work hard at the gym and it will keep your body ready for all that life throws at you.

Coach Dan

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